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Costa Rica Tales articles

Costa Rica Humor; A Joke to Explain Weight Gain & The CAJA

Costa Rica Humor; A Joke to Explain Weight Gain & The CAJA

Costa Rica Living – Some jokes are only funny if you live in the country and see what is going on.  After 8 years here I can say I have experienced the truth in the joke that follows. Click to Get Your Free Guide to Shipping & Costa Rica Relocation Tweet

Spy Toys to Catch Costa Rica Cheating Wife or Husband

Costa Rica Living – A wife suspects her husband is cheating. In the GPS tracking device she recently gave him as a gift lies the proof, a recording taken with a hidden microphone. After he gets home, she can confirm the betrayal. Tweet

Watch Out For Exchange Rates When Dining Out in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – Posted on the Facebook page of the “Infierno de Costa Rica” is a restaurant bill that exemplifies the potential raping of tourists when in Costa Rjca if they do not pay to close attention and bring their calculator. Tweet

The Nightmare of Black Friday Tico Style

Costa Rica Living – (QCostaRica) – Of all the things to adopt from the North, Black Friday would be last on my list. But not true, it is right up there with Mother’s Day to buy, buy and buy some more. Tweet

Are There Elves in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica – From time to time we get information about a topic that is just fun to report about. Perhaps you can go on your own journey to research this tale. Tweet

The Joy of Top Notch Customer Service in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – In order to mentally survive in Costa Rica you have to throw most of what you have grown accustomed with in everyday life in a developed nation out the door. You will get the gringos and Costa Ricans alike saying “if you not like it go home”, but what is humorous

Betting on Costa Rica’s 3-1 Win Made Millionaires in Las Vegas

Costa Rica News – As I saw on a friend of mine’s Facebook wall yesterday, “That sound you just heard was the human-enduced earthquake in Costa Rica.” He was not far from the truth.  No one expected Costa Rica to win yesterday and that included the odds makers in Las Vegas. Tweet

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