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Food and Dining articles

How to Cut a Watermelon This 4th of July

Entertainment News – We’ve all been there. You bring home a big, juicy watermelon and start slicing only to realize your knife is stuck half way in — and it doesn’t want to come out. You push and pull and push and pull — and then, suddenly, the knife finally emerges from the melon with a

Top 5 Most Famous Costa Rican Dishes

Costa Rica Food & Drink – Costa Rica has built a remarkable reputation as a vivid, lively and colorful country. However, most people who have visited this place often complain about the food. It’s either too dull, bland or down-right hot. Still, there have been travelers willing to explore the Costa Rican menus. After a lot

Discovering the Cuisine of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Costa Rica is a country of just under 5 million residents, 90 percent of European descent, and no army! The capitol, San Jose, contains over a million residents who live in peace and harmony with each other. There has not been an army since a revolution here in 1948. It was decided that

Costa Rica Welcomes 5 New Casual Dining Restaurants in the First Quarter of 2017

Costa Rica Food & Dining – The Costa Rican gastronomic offer has been strengthened during this first quarter by the arrival of five new casual restaurants. SantaKalaka, Nacionsushi, Porto 8 Premium Seafood, Lizarran and 100 Montaditos are new to our market. Tweet

The Vegan Guide to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – I’m a vegan who craves cheese. Particularly when I see a firm block of Parmigiano-Reggiano, or smell a really stinky brie. I have started to come around to nut-based alternatives and even borrowed a (self-help) book from the library on how to make my own at home. But I returned said book,

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