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Arts & Theater articles

Hans Christian Andersen & The Brothers Grimm Hit the Costa Rica Stage

Hans Christian Andersen & The Brothers Grimm Hit the Costa Rica Stage

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Juan Cuentacuentos is premiering at the Popular Theater Melico Salazar on Tuesday with stories of Hans Christian Andersen and The Brothers Grimm. Tweet

Costa Rica’s Philharmonic Tribute to Bob Marley

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Philharmonic is going to do a tribute to Bob Marley at Parque Vivo on September 23. Tickets for this The Songs of Freedom show are coveted. Tweet

The Future of Sustainable Fashion Might Be In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – You hear a lot about sustainable fashion in New York City, out west in Los Angeles, and Down Under in Australia, but what about Costa Rica? The small Central American country might not be on your radar, at least not in terms of its fashion scene. But eco-conscious shoppers will be happy

Costa Rica’s Amazing Cultural Gems

Costa Rica News – There’s more to Costa Rica than wildlife and natural wonders. The country is bursting with cool cultural sights and activities too, from Mayan ruins to cowboy festivals… Tweet

Costa Rica Takes Crown In World Salsa Championship

Costa Rica Entertainment – David Cruz Vargas and Muriel Nicole Lowis Ortega from Costa Rica have won the World Salsa Open Championship in Puerto Rico beating 700 dancers from all over the world. Tweet

Oscar Winner Leads Costa Rica’s International Arts Festival

Costa Rica News – Celebrating almost 30 years of music and arts, Costa Rica is hosting dozens of acts from around world at its 28th International Arts Festival, FIA. Tweet

Costa Rica’s International Arts Festival Is Arriving

Costa Rica News – The International Arts Festival is upon us, with plans to bring talent from all over Europe and Latin America to impress us and bring joy to those of all ages. Tweet

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