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A Story of Shipping & Relocating to Costa Rica

A Story of Shipping & Relocating to Costa Rica

Letter to the Editor – From time to time we get an email from an expat that has taken the leap to come to Costa Rica to start a new life.  It is a pleasure for us to print some of these experiences as we know that many people will be going through the same

Is it Time for Costa Rica to Switch to the Dollar?

Letter to the Editor – With the presidential election in Costa Rica just a few weeks away, I am surprised that the recent crisis with a devalued Colon is not being discussed openly and urgently.  While a few newspaper articles have explored the topic, the admittedly unpleasant but nagging idea of Costa Rica changing to the

Another Angry Expat Speaks Out

We received this letter today from another expat this is a little bit annoyed with the ways things are not efficient in Costa Rica. Having lived down here over 6 years I feel her pain, but also know there is nothing you can really do about it except live with it and just laugh.  If you do

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