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Photography of the National Theater in Costa Rica

Photography of the National Theater in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – The National Theater of Costa Rica was built starting in 1891 and will turn 120 on October 19th. Tweet

Costa Rican Band Playing At International BeatleWeek Festival

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Costa Rican band the Beagirls is about to live out one of their biggest dreams as the group was invited to participate in the International BeatleWeek Festival, to be held in Liverpool, England, in August. Tweet

Costa Rica’s Eugene O’Neill Theater Offering Mid-Week Entertainment

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Eugene O’Neill theater will be offering shows every other Wednesday at 12:10 pm. Tweet

Costa Rica’s “Amor Viajero” To Be Released March 2nd

Costa Rica Entertainment – The movie “Love Traveler” or “Amor Viajero” will be released on March 2nd. Tweet

Costa Ricans Presenting Their Fashion Designs

Costa Rica Entertainment – Daniel del Barco and Sonia Chang created both shoes and articles of clothing that are inspired by the pre-Columbian spheres of Costa Rica. Tweet

Costa Rica’s Teatro Espressivo Expanding Events in 2017

Costa Rica Theater – The Teatro Espressivo, Expressive Theater, is a favorite for many Costa Ricans. 2017 is a year that they are expanding the former limits pushing their artistic offerings further than ever before. Tweet

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