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Costa Rica Tales articles

costa rica customer service

The Joy of Top Notch Customer Service in Costa Rica

The Joy of Top Notch Customer Service in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – In order to mentally survive in Costa Rica you have to throw most of what you have grown accustomed with in everyday life in a developed nation out the door. You will get the gringos and Costa Ricans alike saying “if you not like it go home”, but what is humorous

soccer betting

Betting on Costa Rica’s 3-1 Win Made Millionaires in Las Vegas

Costa Rica News – As I saw on a friend of mine’s Facebook wall yesterday, “That sound you just heard was the human-enduced earthquake in Costa Rica.” He was not far from the truth.  No one expected Costa Rica to win yesterday and that included the odds makers in Las Vegas. Tweet

the scarlet letter

Reliving “The Scarlet Letter” in Costa Rica; What is Your Letter?

Costa Rica Living - Last night as I sat at home working and enjoying a night not around the multitude of people in Costa Rica that had taken full advantage of labor day by imbibing as much alcohol as possible,  I was contacted by a friend.   Although it seemed like an innocent conversation about trying to

semana santa costa rica main

Semana Santa & Entering Green (Rainy) Season in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living Editorial – I take one last trip into Jaco in order to get the essentials. I have cleaning supplies, dog food, groceries, and anything else that I might need when bunkering down for the next few days. Although it is just a holiday weekend in Costa Rica I am preparing as if

bad internet costa rica

The Trouble Getting Reliable Internet in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – Every once and a while I just need to vent a daily frustration.  I know I live in paradise but sometimes a daily frustration just makes my mind spin on how some companies in Costa Rica are able to function.  I know there is a limited intelligent human resource pool to

costa rica currency exchange

The Myth About Currency Exchange in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living - Money exchange is a concern at every border. There are always either people screaming “Cambio! Cambio! You need local money!” or currency exchange stands with bright signs saying the same. Tweet

follow you own path main

Blocking Out the Negative & Finding Happiness in Costa Rica

To say the least it has been a tough last week.  I can usually handle the frustrations that Costa Rica and the world throw at me but this just about pushed me over the edge.  I promised myself that my frame of mind needed to always remain in the following state….”I would never actually truly

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