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Retirement articles

costa rica container shipping

What are the Steps in Shipping & Relocating to Costa Rica?

What are the Steps in Shipping & Relocating to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News & Living – There are many of us out there that have decided that it is time for a change in scenery.  I am contacted on nearly a daily basis by someone that is sick and tired of living in their home country and wants to get out and come to Costa

retire-abroad main

International Real Estate; Retirement Hot Topic

Costa Rica Real Estate News – Growing numbers of baby boomers and Generation Xers are seeing international solutions as a way fix their financial woes. Retirees and soon-to-be-retired boomers are finding better options for their retirement years abroad and Generation Xers are finding employment and a better way of life overseas. Tweet

making costa rican friends main

Is it Hard to Make Costa Rican Friends?

Costa Rica Retirement News - The answer is yes and no. One of the many pluses that come with relocating to Costa Rica is its friendly people who generally like Americans. Costa Ricans are fun loving and rate very high on the World Happiness Index despite any personal problems they may have. Tweet

costa rica retirement main

Health Advice for Retirees Living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Retirement News- I have ben told by more than one retiree that just by making making the move they feel rejuvenated. This comes as no surprise to me since relocating to a warmer climate with less stress or just getting out of the “rat race” can make one feel a whole lot better. However,

401k main

401K Sham; Retirement on the Downslope

World Retirement News – Do you even wonder why more and more people are retiring abroad? People are flocking to retire in Costa Rica, Mexico, and other sunny retirement destinations as their dollars are being stretched further.  Tweet

costa rica retirement towns

Popular Retirement Spots in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Retirement News - Many U.S. retirees are moving as far as Southeast Asia to afford a better quality of life on their fixed incomes. That might be too much of a change for you; it would be too much for me. Costa Rica is a great option closer to home. Tweet

costa rica retirment safety main

CR Retirement Safety; Bars and Barbed Wire

Costa Rica Retirement News - Sounds like I am talking about living in a communist country during the cold war or being in jail, but I am not. The real purpose of this article is to try and dispel the fears of many potential retirees who have visited Costa Rica or who have seen information about

global peace index costa rica main

Retirees Finding Peace & Safety in CR

Costa Rica Retirement News – According to an article in the local Spanish newspapers, the Index for Global Peace ranks Costa Rica as the third most peaceful country in Latin America. Costa Rica is ranked number 40 in the world and only behind Uruguay at number 24 and Chile at 31. Other highly touted retirement

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