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Costa Rica Videos articles

Killer Whales Hunt Tiger Shark in the Waters off Costa Rica (Video)

Killer Whales Hunt Tiger Shark in the Waters off Costa Rica (Video)

Costa Rica News – Planning on going in the water this weekend in Costa Rica? A video was taken in the ocean off the coast of Costa Rica that reveals a battle underwater. An amazing sequence that shows  how several orcas (killer whales) hunt a tiger shark near Cocos Island. Tweet

La Iguana Golf Course at Marriott Los Suenos (Video)

Costa Rica Travel News – There are many activities that a local and tourist alike can enjoy during rainy season in Costa Rica. Hitting the links in Costa Rica is one of those activities. Most days during rainy season the skies open uip for an afternoon shower but that does not mean you cannot put in

CR Tours; Jaco’s New Jungle Booze Cruise (Video)

Costa Rica Travel News – A cruise through the jungle gives tourist an opportunity of a closer look into the small villages, restaurants and bars located a few miles outside of the city of Jaco. This journey into the jungles surrounding Playa Jaco is the only tour of its type in the area.  Not only do

Backyard’s Weekly Costa Rica Surf Competition (Video)

Costa Rica News & Events – Every Saturday at approximately 4 p.m. there is an open surf contest in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. The contest is held in “expression session format.” You will see progressive surfing from foreigners, locals, and even professionals from the Costa Rican national team. Tweet

CR Tours; Zip Lining Adventures Over Jaco (Video)

Costa Rica Travel News – What is an adventure in Costa Rica without some adrenaline pumping action? Sure, you can find some of this activity at a nightclub, but don’t sleep away your days in the sunny Costa Rican weather. There are a ton of exciting tours to choose from to make your days just as

CR Adventure Tours – Whitewater Rafting Video

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica’s rich rivers have impressed many avid rafters. Groups of beginners also have an enjoyable time learning to navigate them. Whether you want to ride mild or wild, Costa Rica has a river rafting adventure for you. Tweet

Film Captures Soul of CR “Pura Vida” (Video)

Costa Rica News – Beautiful in its layers, this short from Chris Shimojima chases a masked pixie dream girl through picture postcards. Tweet

The Pizza Shop in Playa Jaco (Video)

It is common to see blue eye, blond hair business owners in Jaco, Costa Rica. Many of them fell in love with the city and never left. This is what happened to Kevin who decided to open a business in Jaco. He is living the Costa Rican American dream. Tweet

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