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Costa Rica Birds Come to the New Jersey Shore

Costa Rica Birds Come to the New Jersey Shore

Costa Rica News – Seems the birds of Costa Rica will be making an appearance on the Jersey Shores. Learn about the wonderful, diverse country of Costa Rica and some of birds that inhabit it when Greg Prelich, naturalist and traveler, gives a talk during the Nov. 6 meeting of the Southern Ocean Birding Group,

Great Week for Wind Surfing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – For all of you windsurfers in Costa Rica this is going to be a good week to go rent a board or take your board to one of the prime windsurfing spots in Costa Rica.  Tweet

Costa Rica Ecotourism

Costa Rica News – I know we bring up a lot of negative things about Costa Rica but this is because we really want somethings to change in Costa Rica, to protect the environment.  Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword, and with the fact that Costa Rica has no army there is no

Living on the Edge in Costa Rica – Jaco Canopy Tour

You may think that every canopy tour is the same, but it’s not the case with Jaco Canopy Tour! They have many return customers because for various reasons they are set apart from the others. Tweet

Best Beach in Costa Rica?

In my opinion, Playa Conchal is the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica. The dazzling beauty of Playa Conchal is very moving. This beach is definitely one of a kind in Costa Rica. The sand is composed of millions of crushed sea-shells. It looks white and is very cool to touch. The waters are a

Bird Watching an Increasing Passion Among Costa Rican Eco Tourists

Beyond visiting the beaches, adventure activities, surfing and fishing, there are a lot of tourists coming to Costa Rica every day to go into the woods to observe animals and are the most passionate about birds. The sighting of these colorful animals and singers is one of the activities listed over and over again among those

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