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Fishing articles

Costa Rica Fishing – CR’s New Marine Reserve

Costa Rica Fishing – CR’s New Marine Reserve

Costa Rica Fishing – A bill now before the country’s congress would ban large-scale commercial fishing off Costa Rica’s southern Pacific Coast Tweet

Costa Rica’s Offshore World Championship Fishing Tournament Returns to Quepos in April

Costa Rica Fishing – The countdown begins until the return of the Offshore World Championship (OWC) to the prolific waters of Quepos, Costa Rica coming April 12-17, 2015. Last year’s competition broke the record for the most billfish ever released in a tournament, with 2,735 billfish returning to the blue waters. Tweet

Costa Rica Sportfishing 101; What are the Central Pacific Fishing Seasons?

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica has many splendid things to boast about and world class sportfishing is one of them; the only problem you may have is to whether head offshore or stay inshore because fishing doesn’t get any much better anywhere else in the world. Tweet

World Record Snook Caught in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Fishing – Ward Michaels never doubted for a minute that his catch of an enormous 591/2-pound Pacific black snook last March at Puerto Quepos in Costa Rica would be accepted as an all-tackle world record. Tweet

Getting Your Costa Rica Fishing License Online

Costa Rica Fishing – One of the most common questions we receive at the newspaper through emails is about fishing in Costa Rica and what is required.  How do I get my Costa Rica fishing license? When do I need to use it? Tweet

Discounted Los Suenos Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – Although Summer in the USA and Canada means that it is “green” season in Costa Rica, deep sea fishing off the coast of Costa Rica is in full swing. During the June, July and August it is the prime fishing season for many species in the Pacific waters of Costa

60 Pound Costa Rica Snook Could Set World Record

Costa Rica News – In the world of big-game fishing, a successful outing does not necessarily depend on how much you know, but whom you know. Tweet

Rare Albino Blue Marlin Hooked off Costa Rica Coastline

Costa Rica Fishing – Capt. Juan Carlos Zamora with Carlos Espinoza Jimenez and Roberto Salinas Hernandez on the Spanish Fly out of Los Suenos Marina captured these images of an extremely rare albino Blue Marlin. Tweet

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