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CR Conservation articles

Picking Up Jairo Mora’s Dream of Protecting Turtles in Costa Rica

Picking Up Jairo Mora’s Dream of Protecting Turtles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Jairo Mora lost his life saving turtles. He is an environmentalist hero and now a team of biologists are taking up his dream to protect turtles in Moin. Tweet

Harder & Harder for Costa Rica to Protect It’s Environment

Costa Rica News – According to Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy, out of the 710,000 hectares of protected area in the country, 8% are still owned by private parties. Tweet

Directory of Places to Buy Organic Produce in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – There are many people living in Costa Rica that love the fact that you can obtain organic food and produce in many locations in the country.   Tweet

The Need To Push Conservation at Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

Costa Rica News – Just .08 percent of our Earth’s oceans are protected. Among them, Cocos Island is a stellar example of sustainability of ecosystems and conservation of marine species. Tweet

Sharks and Costa Rica

Costa Rica Conservation –  Sharks are an essential part of the oceans. Their presence is an indicator of the good health of an ecosystem; their absence is representative of an overfished and out of balance marine environment. Even though sharks have been traditionally vilified in movies and general media, the public is nowadays more aware

Costa Rica Needs Protection from Hammerhead Shark Poachers

Costa Rica Conservation News – Three hundred forty two miles west of mainland Costa Rica lies an oceanic island so spectacular Jacques Cousteau called it the “most beautiful island in the world.” Cascading waterfalls cut through lush foliage, the symphony of a thousand seabirds echoes in your ears, and the surrounding deep waters host a diversity

Costa Rica Fishermen Replanting Mangroves

Costa Rica News – Over the last two years, fishermen and local organizations have come together to plant seedlings in the mangroves of the Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica’s south Pacific, in hopes of reforestation. Tweet

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