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Costa Rica News articles

Rich Aucoin Robbed in Costa Rica

Rich Aucoin Robbed in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – For Rich Aucoin, 2017 is off to a not-so-stellar start. On January 9, while vacationing in Costa Rica, the singer-producer’s car was broken into in broad daylight while parked on a beach. Nearly everything inside was stolen, including his laptop computer containing material for his next album. Tweet

Costa Rica’s Parque De Diversiones Giving Back

Costa Rica News – Going to Costa Rica’s Amusement Park, Parque Diversiones, is not only fun for the whole family, it is also a way to give back to the community. ¢200 million goes from the park to the Children’s Hospital annually. Tweet

Costa Rica’s Jungle Jam 2017 in Jaco Beach; An Interview With Founder Eric Freitas

Costa Rica News – This Week in Costa Rica is back after a long time off. I needed to return to the USA to spend time with my father who is ill. But the show must go on from wherever we are in the world. Tweet

Costa Rica’s Banco Popular Invests $42 Million in Failed System

Costa Rica News – Banco Popular is, as its name suggests, quite popular in Costa Rica. It’s the third largest, in fact. Tweet

Costa Rica Lawyer Tries to Bring Marijuana to Inmates in Her Va-Jay-Jay

Costa Rica News – I do not think this lawyer will be practicing law in Costa Rica at least for a few months. Tweet

“Green” Pura Vida? Costa Rica’s Renewables Conceal Dependence on Oil

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica saying it ran in 100% renewable energy is not so true. Tweet

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