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Costa Rica News articles

costa rica mobile networks

Costa Rica Has One of the Worst Mobile Networks in the World

Costa Rica Has One of the Worst Mobile Networks in the World

Costa Rica News – The firm Open Signal, which assesses the quality of mobile networks, has found Costa Rica to be the second worst in the world only followed by Afghanistan. Tweet

roger-stone-costa rica main

Some Already Thinking of Moving to Costa Rica if Hillary Clinton Wins

Costa Rica News – This will not be the last of the people thinking of changing countries if Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 presidential election, but the same is true of those that are relocating if Donald Trump wins. Tweet

route 32 costa rica

Route 32 in Costa Rica is Going to Get Bigger

Costa Rica News – Route 32 will have its expansion in 2017, well at least that is when it will begin, and fill be accomplished by a Chinese company. Tweet

costa rica teacher and student

Costa Rica, Where 40 Year Old Teachers Can Marry Their Students Legally

Costa Rica News – If this was a man with a female student it might have had a different result.  Or if this happened in the USA. Tweet

cell phone service internet costa rica main

Cell Phones with High Speed Internet in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Before taking out a cell phone plan that claims a high speed, you will want to check if the company can deliver. Tweet

national congress and convention center costa rica

Costa Rica’s National Congress & Convention Center To Begin Construction

Costa Rica News – Unable to start construction in July as previously planned, the National Congress and Convention Center (CNCC) is expected to start late September. Tweet

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