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Costa Rica News articles

Park Like An Ass in Costa Rica; Lose Your Plates

Park Like An Ass in Costa Rica; Lose Your Plates

Costa Rica News – The Traffic Police found 113 badly parked cars in just a week. The officers are now able to fine the drivers even in their absence. They can also remove the plates. Tweet

12 Essential Facts About Moving to Costa Rica

People from all over the world are choosing to move to the breathtakingly beautiful country of Costa Rica, making it their new home. In fact, every year, about 2.5 million tourists and visitors touch down in the nation ranked #1 on the World Happiness Index, and about 50,000 North American expats and retirees now live

Bilingual & Looking for a Job in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Language centers are experiencing a great growth in the quantity of students so they expect the need for staff to increase, as well. Wizard, Intensa and the Centro Cultural Britanico are among these institutions. Tweet

The Costs of Costa Rica’s El Diquis Hydroelectric Plant

Costa Rica News – The El Diquis hydroelectric plant has been discussed by administration after administration, five to be exact. Tweet

Costa Rican Sparring With Mayweather Before Conor McGregor Fight

Costa Rica News – Costa Rican Arturo Izquierdo Acuña left for the States a couple months ago to seek a professional boxing opportunity. Tweet

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