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Costa Rica News articles

drunk-driving-costa-rica fines main

Costa Rica Traffic Fines Including Drunk Driving to Increase January 1st

Costa Rica Traffic Fines Including Drunk Driving to Increase January 1st

Costa Rica News – We are getting to the time of year where people are on holidays and many will be drinking to celebrate the various holidays that occur at the end of the year.  As we turn from 2014 to 2015 the fines for moving violations will be changing. Tweet

dophin Pod Costa Rica

Dolphin Pod Footage Captured Off the Coast of Costa Rica (Video)

Costa Rica News – Sometimes you capture something on video that is amazing and wonderful.  When in Costa Rica those chances to see nature showing its beauty seem to occur on a daily basis. Tweet

river pollution costa rica

Costa Rican Rivers Continue to Get More Polluted

Costa Rica News – The time has come for Costa Rica to start putting actions to it’s “green image” and be proactive instead of reactive.  The rivers in Costa Rica continue to become more and more polluted and drain off into the oceans surrounding the country. Tweet


What is the Truth Behind the Scandal in Brazil in Relation to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News - The Brazilian police seized a document that is bringing some high profile Costa Ricans into question. The document relates to the parastatal Petrobrás oil company scandal, the biggest scandal in Brazil since the Workers Party took power in 2003. Tweet

ice electricity costa rica main

Why Are Electricity Rates So High in Costa Rica? Act 7200

Costa Rica News – Most of us that live in the land of “Pura Vida” have just grown accustomed to paying astronomical gasoline prices and fairly high electricity prices.  It is just part if living in Costa Rica due to the fact that both of these sectors are controlled by monopolies. Tweet

costa-rica-license-plate-restriction san jose main

Costa Rica’s San Jose License Plate Restriction Lifted From Dec 22nd to January 5th

Costa Rica News – Like each year after the San Jose license plate restriction has been implemented, during the Christmas holidays it is lifted for about 2 weeks. Tweet

new police academy costa rica china

China Complete’s Purchase of Costa Rica’s Soul; Donating & Building New Police Academy

Costa Rica News – I wonder how many shark fins were allowed to be taken by China out of Costa Rican waters? How many dollars went into the back pockets of those in the Costa Rican government? Little by little China is buying the soul of Costa Rica & at what long term cost?  Tweet

small section of the world costa rica coffee

How Coffee Empowered Women In Costa Rica (Video)

Costa Rica News - What would possess an avowed herbal tea lover to make a documentary about coffee? Tweet

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