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Costa Rica News articles

protecting costa rica environment

Saving “Pura Vida”; Costa Rica Searching for Cash To Save It’s Flora & Fauna

Saving “Pura Vida”; Costa Rica Searching for Cash To Save It’s Flora & Fauna

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica has been slipping in the eyes of many conservationists when it comes to the protection of its environment but is it for the lack of resources or the lack of commitment to do so.  Right now they are searching for financial backing for this endeavor. Tweet

live christmas trees costa rica

Where to Buy a Live Christmas Tree in Costa Rica & Costs

Costa Rica News – A number of farms have been consulted and it was found that the price of Christmas trees this year will start at ¢7000, or $14. Tweet

sex-tourism thailand 1

Costa Rica is Not Ranked in the Top 10 for Sex Tourism Destinations

Costa Rica News – Normally, tourists travel abroad to visit famous landmarks, culture or do fun things. Also there is a group of tourists who travel to engage in sexual activity, particularly with prostitutes. This is called “sex tourism”. Tweet

banca-kristal main

New Bank in Costa Rica Stereotypes Women

Costa Rica News – In a society that is dominated by male machismo, a new bank in Costa Rica is using female stereotyping to target women.  But will it work or bring out the protests? Tweet

moin container terminal costa rica

The Moin Container Terminal Could Face Typical Costa Rica Delays

Costa Rica News – The Moin Container Terminal, referred to as TCM, will likely be ready by January 2018 but will be forced to remain closed until the Government builds a 2.8km access road to it. Tweet

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