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Costa Rica News articles

narco homicides main

Costa Rica Not Solving Very Many Narco-Homicides

Costa Rica Not Solving Very Many Narco-Homicides

Costa Rica News – Of the narcotics related homicides that occurred in San Jose this year, only two out of every 10 have been solved by the Judicial Investigation Organization. Tweet

manuel antonio sloth costa rica

Costa Rica Sloth Acts Out Scene From the Movie “America’s Sweethearts” in Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica News – From time to time we just want to have some fun with video editing and things around Costa Rica.   Tweet

Foto.Manuel Vega  30-06-10.

Costa Rica Hospital Required to Improve Emergency Department

Costa Rica News – San Juan de Dios Hospital was given just 30 days to come up with a plan for its overcrowded emergency department. Tweet

Prismatic World Tour katy perry main

Katy Perry Planning to Unwind in Costa Rica After Concert?

Costa Rica Entertainment – Katy Perry’s tour started in Northern Ireland back in May, 2014 and had 151 dates on the schedule. Tweet

incopesca costa rica main

Drug Trafficking Linked to the Costa Rica Fishing Institute

Costa Rica News – During a time where Costa Rica is under a microscope in terms of the fishing industry, the last thing needed is more controversy. Tweet

iberia plane costa rica

Iberia Airplane Landing in Costa Rica Appears to Just Miss Vehicles (Video)

Costa Rica News – Is this real or an illusion? This was real, very real and too close for comfort. Tweet

shpping a car to costa rica main

Shipping a Car to Costa Rica? Vehicles Over 14 Years Old Soon to Be Banned to Import

Costa Rica News – Many people try to avoid paying large amount of import taxes by shipping an older vehicle to Costa Rica.   Tweet

ocelot costa rica

Simon Bolivar Zoo in Costa Rica to Get Some New Guests

Costa Rica News – Just a little while after Costa Rica said it would be shutting down its zoos, they will actually be adding additional animals.  Tweet

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