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Costa Rica News articles


Killer Bacteria in Costa Rica Hospitals

Killer Bacteria in Costa Rica Hospitals

Costa Rica News – Hospitals in the country are hosting a new strain of the bacterium Clostridium difficile, very resistant to antibiotics and therefore, more difficult to attack with the current therapeutic arsenal. Tweet


U.S. Man Faces Charge In Illegal Costa Rica Sports Betting Case

Costa Rica News – The latest to face prosecution in the United States in an illegal sports betting enterprise involving Costa Rica, is Kenneth Schmitt, accused of committing his crimes in Hawaii and Mississippi, is set for an initial appearance December 20 in U.S. federal court. Tweet


Video Meetings Via the Cloud: a Primer

Meetings all around the world be you in Costa Rica, the USA or anywhere else have a common denominator: plenty of them are glorious wastes of time. But no matter how much evidence piles up to support this, a lot of management leads still insist on incorporating meetings into the daily schedule. With the popularity


Automercado’s President is Entrepreneur of the Year

Costa Rica News – El Financiero (EF), from the Group Nación designated Guillermo Alonso Guzmán, president of Corporación Auto Mercado as Entrepreneur of the Year 2016. The event took place on Monday afternoon, November 28, at the Hotel Real Intercontinental. Tweet


Rescue Team Steps in to Help Animal Victims of Hurricane in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – A team of veterinarians and disaster relief experts from Humane Society International, (HSI) in conjunction with other NGO’s and government agencies touched down in Costa Rica after the country was terribly shaken when Hurricane Otto unleashed 100 mph winds and torrential downpour. Tweet

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