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Costa Rica News articles

Kathia Adriana Corella Rojas costa rica model drug trafficking

Costa Rican Model Convicted of Drug Trafficking

Costa Rican Model Convicted of Drug Trafficking

Costa Rica News – Sometimes being good looking does not help you beat the rap.  This is what a Costa Rican model is learning the hard way. Tweet

drug trafficking boats costa rica

USA Gives Costa Rica to Boats to Help Patrol Its Waters

Costa Rica News – It is nice for Costa Rica to have some new shiny toys to play with and “promote fight against drug trafficking”, but will they actually do anything is the question. Tweet

dengue virus costa rica vaccine

Vaccine for Dengue Receives Approval in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and other mosquito born viruses are the only thing that frighten me living in Costa Rica. Tweet

dirving on shoulder costa rica bad driving

Costa Rica Cracking Down on Drivers Disobeying the Law

Costa Rica News – For all of us that live in Costa Rica or have driven through the country, you seem to see idiots on the road that are blatantly disobeying the law. Driving in bus lanes, driving on the shoulder of the road, cutting people off after passing illegally, and much more. Tweet

sanatorio carlos duran ghost costa rica main

Ghost Caught on Camera at Sanatorio Carlos Duran Hospital in Costa Rica (Video)

Costa Rica News  – This is a place I always wanted to visit but have not gotten around to it since being in Costa Rica. But after watching this video I think I may have to pass. Tweet

REUTERS/Randall Vargas

New Carry-On Requirements at Juan Santamaria Airport in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Although it is a popular excuse in Costa Rica and around the world, saying “I didn’t know” does not give you any leeway at the airport. Tweet

costa rica coral reef scuba diving main

Protecting Costa Rica’s Coral Reefs

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica will tackle climate change with a new experiment that recycles electrical waste to spur reproduction of its coral reefs and fish populations. Tweet

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