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Costa Rica News articles


Punishment For Mistreating Animals in Costa Rica Lowered?

Punishment For Mistreating Animals in Costa Rica Lowered?

The fines and prison sentences for mistreating animals will not be as hard as expected from the project of Animal Welfare Act approved in the first debate on the 26 of July. Tweet


Machismo (Exagerated Sense of Manliness) in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – At the end of a 20km red dirt track winding through a rainforest in eastern Paraguay, lies a secondary school for girls providing a source of hope in a country that has a notorious reputation when it comes to women’s rights. Tweet


Costa Rica Shipping; New Values for Importing Vehicles to the Country

Costa Rica News – For all of those that want to ship a car to Costa Rica, this new law may or may not apply to you depending on the year of the vehicle you are bringing in. Tweet


Costa Rica Justice? The System Ranks Highest According to Poll

Costa Rica News – I do not know who they were asking these questions to in order to get the highest ranking but either the other countries are just really bad or they did not ask the people I know that had experiences with the Costa Rica legal system.   Tweet

Foto: Gabriela Téllez.

Costa Rican Woman Invents New Smart Bra

Costa Rica News – Flexible, waterproof and ingenuity circuits are some of the features of a one of a kind bra that the emerging startup of tica, Alicia Chong has created to take care of women with heart diseases. Tweet


Cigar Aficionado Philip Wynn In Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – In the mountains of Costa Rica, 4,000 feet above sea level, tobacco grower and cigarmaker Philip Wynn is almost done with his tobacco harvest of 2016. The last growing season started in August in an area called Santa Marta de Puriscal, which is up in Costa Rica’s Cordillera Centro mountains. There, Wynn

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