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Costa Rica News articles

costa rica shark finning

Costa Rica Government Agency; “Shark Finning Benefits Public Interest”

Costa Rica Government Agency; “Shark Finning Benefits Public Interest”

Costa Rica News – It flat out amazes me that Costa Rica even boasts that it is trying to protect its environment, when the actions of the Costa Rican government over and over again show that money trumps animal and environmental conservation.  Tweet

fifty_shades_of grey sex shops costa rica

50 Shades of Grey Has Costa Ricans Seeking Sex Shops

Costa Rica News – Seems sex education is not taking place in Costa Rican schools but they are getting their tips from the big screen.  What better way to help open the eyes to the darker side of sex than through a Hollywood film.  (Sarcasm) Tweet

Burger_King_costa rica main

8% of Burger King’s Employees Being Laid Off in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business News – Another red flag is being thrown up in regards to the Costa Rican economy.  More jobs seem to be disappearing in Costa Rica as multi-nationals are starting to cut more and more in regards to their operations in the country. Tweet

squirrel on costa rica flight

Baby Squirrel Decides to Take Flight From Costa Rica to Houston

Costa Rica News – It seems this squirrel wanted to get out of Costa Rica before Recope increases gas prices next week.  Or perhaps he just needed to go on his Visa run.   Tweet

man hung on flight costa rica colombia

Man Found Hanged on Flight From Colombia to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – How would you like to use the restroom on a plane only to find a person hung inside? That is what happened on a  flight from Colombia to Costa Rica. Tweet

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