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Costa Rica News articles

costa rica school sccholarships

Scholarship Delay for Costa Rica Students in Need; Let’s Play Pass the Blame

Scholarship Delay for Costa Rica Students in Need; Let’s Play Pass the Blame

Costa Rica News – Do you ever notice in Costa Rica that it is never anyone’s fault for something not being done. There is always someone or something to blame to shift accountability to another party.  When it comes to the Costa Rican government and its entities; they are masters at this game. But this


Macha Linda! Gorgeous Ex-Playboy Bunny Vacationing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News – I can not even imagine how many horns have been honked and how many times the term “machita” (blond girl) has been cat called to this former Playboy bunny on vacation in Costa Rica. Tweet

san carlos water

San Carlos; Water Distribution on the Local Level in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News -Water supply has become a concern world wide with all the talk about global warming and climate change. In addition, in Costa Rica, is the issue of water distribution, as certain rural areas are well aware. Many communities face water rationing daily, although Costa Rica has a great water supply. Tweet

pln party costa rica

Costa Rica PLN Party; Elected Officials Must Donate 1% of Salary to Election Debts

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s National Liberation Party (PLN) is making its elected officials in the Legislative Assembly donate at least 1% of their salary to pay the debts that the Party’s contract accumulated in their last electoral campaign, and to cover their everyday expenditure. Tweet

tamarindo airport main

Costa Rica’s Tamarindo Airfield Closed for Repairs

Costa Rica News – Since March 2012, the owners of the airport in Tamarindo were warned about hazards that would eventually cause lots of trouble. They did nothing and now are faced with a closed airfield. Tweet

health insurance costa rica main

Expat Health Insurance vs Travel Insurance in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – Since time immemorial Costa Rica has always been, and always will be, famous for its beautiful beaches, picturesque scenery and fun-filled nature adventure tours. Also, for the past two decades it has become a household name for medical and dental tourism since Costa Rica’s standards when it comes to medicine and

costa rica lighted billboards 1

Costa Rica’s MOPT Declares War on Lighted Billboards

Costa Rica News – Eliminating luminous publicity billboards found on roadsides is one of the targets that the Department for Road Traffic Inspection and Demolition within the Ministry for Public and Transport Work (MOPT) is focusing on. Tweet

poor in school costa rica main

Total Bullsh&% – School Scholarships For the Poor Stolen in the Costa Rican System

Costa Rica News – There are more than a few things that piss me off and this would be one of them. This shows a complete disregard for the well being of others for a measly $34 a month. Tweet

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