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Costa Rica News articles

Jairo-Mora-Sandoval trial

Jairo Mora Murder Case Prosecutor Being Charged with Crimes

Jairo Mora Murder Case Prosecutor Being Charged with Crimes

Costa Rica News – Disappointment and anger still pulse through the veins of many that have been following the Jairo More murder trial, ever since the suspects were acquitted of all charges.   Tweet

celac costa rica main

Change to Come As CELAC Summit in Costa Rica Concludes

Costa Rica News – The third annual Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) Summit, which was held in San Antonio de Belén, Costa Rica, concluded this past Thursday. With its end, the member states agreed upon the Political Declaration of Belén, which is a collection of 94 points that involve the independence of

drinking driving costa rica main

Fiestas de Palmares in Costa Rica Means More Drinking & Driving

Costa Rica News – We all know that when people head to Palmares they are looking to have a good time, listen to music and in most cases imbibe a lot of alcohol.  Although there is public transport to and from many decide to try to drink and drive their way home. Tweet

spy toys in costa rica

Spy Toys to Catch Costa Rica Cheating Wife or Husband

Costa Rica Living – A wife suspects her husband is cheating. In the GPS tracking device she recently gave him as a gift lies the proof, a recording taken with a hidden microphone. After he gets home, she can confirm the betrayal. Tweet

costa rica public schools main

Costa Rica School Supply Costs Continue to Rise

Costa Rica News – With a growing number of the population living under the poverty line in Costa Rica, it is getting harder for many families to purchase the required supplies to send their children to school.  Tweet


Sea Shepherd – Jairo Murder Case; Court Could Not Condem the Killers But We Know Who They Are

Costa Rica – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society deeply regrets the decision of the Criminal Court of Limon, which yesterday acquitted seven men accused of the murder of environmentalist Jairo Mora Sandoval. Tweet


Costa Rica Has Ruled That The GMO Approval Process is Unconstitutional

Costa Rica News – Here’s some powerful news you may have missed buried amid the footnotes of major news websites: Costa Rica’s Supreme Court has formally declared the nation’s GMO approval process to be highly ‘unconstitutional.’ Tweet

costa rica tourism main

The Growth of Tourism in Costa Rica in 2014

Costa Rica News – Although we are almost past the first month of 2015, is it ever too late to take a look back and evaluate 2014? When it comes to tourism in Costa Rica it was a abnner year. Tweet

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