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Costa Rica News articles

cocos island illegal fishing

“Black October”; Costa Rica’s Biggest Illegal Fishing Month for Cocos Island

“Black October”; Costa Rica’s Biggest Illegal Fishing Month for Cocos Island

Costa Rica News – Have you heard of “Black October?” It’s based on the idea that September and October are the months in which the most fishing vessels are found illegally entering the waters around Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Tweet

Wyndham Papagayo Yu Resort costa rica

Costa Rica’s CCSS Union Investing $20 Million in New Wyndham Papagayo Yu Resort

Costa Rica News – Unions tend to come up with a lot of money somehow. The Solidarity Association of Employees of the Costa Rican Social Security is no exception, as they are investing over $20 million into building a new Wyndham hotel in the Gulf of Papagayo. Tweet

costa rica sloth

Costa Rica & Its Adorable Sloths

Costa Rica News – Sunday was International Sloth Day, which aims to draw the public’s attention not only the creature’s cuteness factor, but also promote the respect of its natural environment and protection. And The Sloth Institute Costa Rica is doing just that. Tweet


6 Fake Costa Rica OIJ Agents Arrested After Car Crashes

Costa Rica News – Well do we believe that this was not an inside job and the truck driver was involved or was he just trying to save his butt by claiming he had nothing to do with the assault on his truck. Tweet

coco-island-costa-rica main

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Donates Towards Costa Rica Radar Facility on Cocos Island

Costa Rica Conservation News - New York, NY (PRWEB) - The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation provided $2 million to Oceans 5, an international funders collaborative dedicated to stopping overfishing and establishing marine reserves in the worlds five oceans. Tweet

michael dixon costa rica

Family of Missing Costa Rica Vacationer Angry at Foreign Office

Costa Rica News - Michael Dixon walked out of his hotel in the seaside town of Tamarindo on the evening of October, 18, 2009, and never came back. Tweet

ebola costa rica

Ebola Protocol Instated For Costa Rica (Video)

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is taking ebola more seriously than some bigger countries with more equipment. The Ministry of Health has designed a protocol for any possible ebola case. Airport officials, the Red Cross, ambulances and hospitals know the drill. Tweet

poas volcano costa rica

Volcano Experts Watching Poas for Eruptions

Costa Rica News – Volcanologists warn that the Poas Volcano might erupt again. This is based on evidence of pressure buildup underneath the warm water lake. Tweet

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