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Costa Rica News articles

asvo costa rica sea turtles main

Opening Up About Jairo Mora, Sea Turtles & Costa Rica Environmental Issues (Audio)

Opening Up About Jairo Mora, Sea Turtles & Costa Rica Environmental Issues (Audio)

Costa Rica News - (November 24th Radio Show) – Overseas Radio Has Teamed up With The Costa Rican Times to provide multiple modes of information sharing for local and foreign expats in order to get Costa Rica news and knowledge to listeners. Tweet

costa rica call center

Costa Rica Less Attractive For Foreign Businesses Due to “Poor English”

Costa Rica News (qCostaRica) - Once again Costa Rica has received a low score on the English proficiency index, which could make the country less appealing to foreign companies generating employment. Tweet

webcam hack costa rica main

Russians Hack Webcams & Into The Lives of Close to 100 Costa Ricans

Costa Rica News – How would you like someone watching you on your home webcam? I  know that I would feel like my personal space had been violated.   Tweet

riteve costa rica main

Costa Rica’s Riteve (Vehicle Inspection) Gets Harder to Pass

Costa Rica News – Riteve was already pretty difficult to pass for many vehicles in Costa Rica…….well it is about to get a little harder.  Perhaps they are not going to need that 200% increase in the cost of Riteve that they have asked for if more cars have to come back for re-inspection.  Tweet

happiest countries costa rica

Costa Rica Tops Happiest Country List Again……

Costa Rica  News - The Happy Planet Index (HPI) finds that the happiest country is Costa Rica, followed by Vietnam, Columbia, and Belize. The index rates the USA as the 105th happiest. Tweet

sanatorio carlos duran costa rica haunted

Restoration of Costa Rica’s Most Haunted Place is Delayed

Costa Rica News – Though the complex of buildings that once housed the Carlos Duran Sanatorium is clearly part of Costa Rica’s architectural heritage, a lack of funds has temporarily stalled its restoration. Tweet

riteve costa rica main

Costa Rica Annual Riteve (Vehicle Inspection) To Increase by 200%?

Costa Rica News – More good news for those people with vehicles in Costa Rica. When they do increases in cost of living items in Costa Rica they go all out don’t they? But do they have a legitimate claim? Tweet

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