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Costa Rica News articles


Costa Rica’s “Jala de la Piedra” Celebrating the Bribri Culture

The “Jala de la Piedra” is one of the most important cultural activities that takes place in the Bribri culture. The “piedra” is the large, heavy stone used by the whole community to grind flour, wheat, and coffee. The community all comes together to move the stone into place. It is very symbolic, demonstrating how

View of the Turrialba volcano on September 20, 2016 in Cartago, 46 km from San Jose. 
The Costa Rican authorities suspended operations at the country's main airport Monday after the nearby Turrialba volcano erupted, sending a thick ash cloud into the sky. Turrialba erupted twice Monday, first at dawn and again just before noon. The second eruption sent an ash cloud 4,000 meters  / AFP / Ezequiel Becerra        (Photo credit should read EZEQUIEL BECERRA/AFP/Getty Images)

Volcano Turrialba Making a Mess of Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica News – OVER THE PAST few days, Turrialba in Costa Rica has had over 20 significant, ash-rich explosions that have ended up closing airports across the country. Turrialba has been restless for a few years now and occasionally the low-level ash emissions are punctuated by bigger blasts. But the activity this week has been


Costa Rica Relocation; Should You Ship Your Car to Costa Rica?

Being able to drive your own car to get from one place to the next is a wonderful thing because of the freedom to travel and comfort it offers. Having your own car means you get to travel without worrying about fixed routes or timetables and you can bring your family along with necessary goods


Relocating & Shipping to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Shipping – Moving to a different country is usually exciting and exhilarating at first, but once the initial excitement wore off a bit you will find yourself a little scared and unsure of what the future holds for you. You will start questioning yourself if you are doing the right thing, how you are


Costa Rica Volcano Eruption Closes Airport

Costa Rica News – The Costa Rican authorities suspended operations at the country’s main airport on Monday (Sep 19) after the nearby Turrialba volcano erupted, sending a thick ash cloud into the sky. Tweet


Car Free Day in Costa Rica This Thursday

Costa Rica News – Can you imagine, just for one fleeing moment, a day in San Jose without cars. Not easy, right? But, come Thursday, September 22, it may be a reality as nine civil organizations try that Costa Rica joins for the first time, the World Car Free Day (Dia Mundial Sin Carro in Spanish).

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