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Costa Rica News articles

organic farming in costa rica

Organic Farming is Decreasing in Costa Rica

Organic Farming is Decreasing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News - Costa Rica’s organic farming area has decreased by 33% in just a few years (from 2010 to 2013). This fall follows the international economic crisis. The area that was used for organic farming went from 11,115 hectares to 7,448 hectare. Tweet

blue whale feeding main

Blue Whales Feeding in the Wake of Ships

Costa Rica News – Do you ever wonder how those large whale in the Pacific waters of Costa Rica eat? The blue whales that live along the Pacific coast of the US often feed in areas with lots of boats, endangering their species. Tweet

APM-Terminals-Costa Rica main

APM Terminals Learning About Costa Rica Delays

Costa Rica News – For many that have lived in Costa Rica for any extended period of time, delays are a part of life in the land of “Puda Vida.” Especially when talking about permitting for construction permits.  A day means a week, a week means a month and a month can mean up to

recycling costa rica

Addressing the Issues in Costa Rica (Audio)

Costa Rica News – (July 24th Radio Show) – Overseas Radio Has Teamed up With The Costa Rican Times to provide multiple modes of information sharing for local and foreign expats in order to get Costa Rica news and knowledge to listeners. Tweet

Tax forms US

Costa Rica Watching Out for Tax Evasion

Costa Rica News - The Ministry of Finance will help 22 large companies present their losses for the last three fiscal periods. This “help,” of course, is to oversee with some control, to make sure they are not committing tax fraud. Tweet

limon refinery

Financial Problems with the Refinery in Limon

Costa Rica News - It seems a bit late to not have ironed out a 2014 budget for the modernization of the petroleum refinery in Moin, Limon, don’t you think? The project remains halted over the issue. Tweet

bribe refusal costa rica main

Breaking News…..Costa Rica Police Officer Refuses Bribe

Costa Rica News - Bribery is no new thing, but police in Costa Rica refusing it? Now, I’d say that’s news. A 32 year old man, Monge, tried to bribe a cop with $100, to get out of going to jail on a drug carrying charge. Tweet

see taxi costa rica main

Contracts, Corruption, & Fraud in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News - For as long as there are corrupt governments or corrupt individuals, problems like records disappearing will always arise. A group called SEE Taxi along with the Public Transport Council are investigating under what conditions permits were given to 22 companies. Tweet

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