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Costa Rica News articles

vaway costa rica main

Vaway Property Management Opens in Costa Rica

Vaway Property Management Opens in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News - One of the biggest problems that owners have in regards to managing their properties online is that there are so many places where they can list their property and they do not have time to try to manage all of those accounts. Tweet

electrocucion costa rica main

Man Dies After Being Electrocuted in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Although you should always be careful around power lines, as rainy season starts you need to keep your eyes peeled a little better for downed lines.  Ezequiel Martinez died at age 35, after falling from the roof of a house and suffering an electric shock. The accident happened at 11:30am at

rainy season costa rica

The Beginning of Costa Rica Rainy Season (Audio)

Costa Rica News – (April 21st Radio Show) – Overseas Radio Has Teamed up With The Costa Rican Times to provide multiple modes of information sharing for local and foreign expats in order to get Costa Rica news and knowledge to listeners. Tweet


Pat Hundley, The Future of Day Star Jaco & Rumors

Editorial - Day Star Properties seems to be on course to have a complete restructuring in Costa Rica, including a divorce from their managing partner in Costa Rica, Pat Hundley.  With a rumored internal audit occurring currently, the dust seems to be about to clear.  Tweet

costa rica public school

Costa Rica Single Student Schools

Costa Rica News – I think that every child should have the ability to receive a quality education, but when does the government take a look a serious problems in the current system in regards to providing an environment that is conducive to learning?  Tweet

drug cartels in costa rica main

Drug Cartels & Their Recent Control of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News - Costa Rica is under attack. Despite recent claims that “no terrorist groups or drug cartels lurk in the nation’s mountains and rain forests,” the evidence is quite the contrary. Tweet

teaching english costa rica

Increased Opportunities for ESL Teachers in Costa Rica; Global TESOL College and Amistad Institute Team Up

Teaching English in Costa Rica News - Teaching English as a second language (ESL) abroad is no longer a linear endeavor for travel or a gap year; it is now a legitimate career option. Tweet

costa rica presidential inauguration main

Costa Rica Presidential Inauguration; Transfer of Power

Costa Rica News - On May 8th, at the National Stadium, the act of transferring power to the new president will take place. Remember how elaborate that ceremony was in 2010? It will take days of work to adorn the stadium for the special day. Tweet

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