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Costa Rica News articles


Costa Rican Athletes Are Not Happy With Olympic Village Conditions

Costa Rican Athletes Are Not Happy With Olympic Village Conditions

Costa Rica News – The organization of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 has enabled 31 buildings designated for athletes to stay during the event, however, delegations complain of a lack of hot water and drainage and indicate dirty conditions. Tweet

A Cuban migrant man receives his passport with the visa granted by the immigration office at the border post with Panama in Paso Canoas

USA Joins with Costa Rica to Protect Central American Refugees

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica will offer temporary protection to refugees fleeing Central America for the US, the Obama administration announced on Tuesday, following an admission by officials of its failure to address the surge in refugees fleeing violence, rape and kidnappings. Tweet

taking law into their own hands

Costa Ricans Taking the Law Into Their Own Hands

Costa Rica News – Everyone that has lived for any period of time in Costa Rica knows that the legal system is so inefficient that criminals get away with murder literally.  Tweet


My Life In a Tiny Shipping Container Home in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – It’s 3 am in the morning and I am suddenly awakened by a loud noise. It is then that I quickly realize three things. 1) I passed out on the couch with my shoes on. 2) I was freezing cold, and 3) I was in my new container home. Tweet

costa rica skyscraper tallest building

Costa Rica To Have a Skyscraper?

Costa Rica News – Well perhaps there will be a building that truly touches the sky or close to it in Costa Rica soon. Tweet

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