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Events articles

Costa Rica’s 2014 Envision Festival is Here

Costa Rica’s 2014 Envision Festival is Here

Costa Rica News & Events – Envision is one of the most unique festivals in Costa Rica, so interesting, in fact, that is gains international attention. It’s a festival in an isolated area, surrounded by nature. It’s meant for open and artistic minds to come together. Tweet

2014 Holi One Color Festival in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News & Events – Tickets for the Holi One Color Festival 2014 are on sale now, for 23,500 colones. This is the second edition of the event in Costa Rica, and one of many worldwide. The first such festival of music and color in this country was in August 2013. Tweet

X-Knights Freestyle Motocross Returns to CR

Costa Rica News & Events – The X knights returned to Costa Rica. Dany Torres Pilots and Tom Pagés  were the favorites to take the crown at the 2014 edition of X-Knights held on the 15th of February at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa.  Tweet

No Hay Nadie Como Tu; Calle 13 Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News & Events – A few years back I was introduced to the group Calle 13 while going through a pregnancy with one of my friends.  The first thing that grabbed me were the beats and rhythms of the songs, you could not listen to them without getting into the music.  Then I

CR Welcomes International Banana Congress

Costa Rica News – Go Bananas! Go-Go-Bananas! Sorry had to throw a little cheer leading at the beginning of this. The banana industry is just as important and central in Costa Rica as is the coffee industry, but far less talked about. Tweet

Jungle Jam 2014; A Tropical Austin City Limits

Costa Rica News & Events – As I headed down the highway and passed Playa Hermosa on the way to Jaco I had the full moon guiding my way.  I took the turn onto the road on which Doce Lunas was hosting the opening night of Jungle Jam 2014 in Jaco.   Tweet

Getting to Costa Rica’s 2014 Palmares Festival

Costa Rica News & Events – This weekend start the beginning of the Palmares Festival in Costa Rica. This is an almost 2 week party with topes, art, music, sports, beautiful women dressed in cowgirl outfits and lots and lots of beer.  The hardest thing about the festival is travelling to and from it.  

Costa Rica Palmares Festival; It’s Beer Thirty

Costa Rica News & Events – With about a week in between the all out parties in Zapote and Palmares, we are left wondering what to do with ourselves during these down days. By the time the wait is over, people enter the fairgrounds at Palmares either already drunk or in desperate search of a cool

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