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Does Anyone Really Want to Buy Twitter?

Does Anyone Really Want to Buy Twitter?

Business News – Although this form of social media may have some big users in Hollywood & int he athletic world, I am one of those people that thinks it is over hyped.   Seems others in the business world think the same. Tweet


Costa Rica Diversifying its Exports

Costa Rica Business News – Costa Rica is expanding its presence at the PMA’s Fresh Summit Expo next month after seeing increasing demand for its fruit and vegetable exports among North American consumers. Tweet


Amazon Grows in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business – announced plans to hire 1,500 full-time positions to support the increase of operations in Lagunilla and Calle Blancos. The roles include customer service associates and managers, merchant support, finance and software development positions among others. Tweet


Why Body Language Matters In Group Video Conferences

When it comes time to do any sort of conference presentation in life, you must consider all of the major parts of the presentation itself. Not only does the actual material and the point of the whole conference need to be on point, but when you start to consider the specifics of the message itself

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