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national instruments costa rica main

USA’s National Instruments Expands Operations to Costa Rica

USA’s National Instruments Expands Operations to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business News – The American company National Instruments (NI) announced their expansion of operations in Costa Rica which will create up to 170 new jobs in areas such as applications engineering, internal sales, customer service, marketing, among others. Growth will provide job opportunities for professionals in Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical and Systems Engineering.

costa rica credit rating main

Costa Rica’s Credit Rating Cut to Junk By Moody’s

Costa Rica Business News – Costa Rica’s credit rating was cut to junk by Moody’s Investors Service as the Central American country once lauded by economists for luring foreign investors struggles to rein in a widening deficit. Tweet

intel costa rica

Update on Intel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business News – We were all shocked when Intel announced they’d be closing the manufacturing plant in Costa Rica. There’s a little piece of good news in this story, and that is that 95% of the staff who lost jobs already had at least one offer for a new job. Tweet

Gavel and american flag

FACTA July 1st Implementaion Starts With 30% Penalties for Banks

Costa Rica News - In 2013, 2,999 Americans renounced citizenship, the highest number on record. The four highest totals have all occurred since Fatca became law, though the exact reasons for renunciations aren’t reported. Tweet

Toshiba-costa rica

Toshiba Inaugurates New Headquarters in Escazu

Costa Rica Business News - To increase product sales of computers & storage equipment including hard drives, USB thumb drives and SD cards, Toshiba established their brand new Costa Rica headquarters which will be for Central America and Miami. Tweet

SAE-A SPINNING costa rica

Costa Rica is Attracting Asian Investors

Costa Rica Business News - SAE-A SPINNING S.R.L., a subsidiary of SAE-A TRADING CO., LTD, and the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) today publically confirmed that the South Korea-based company will open a new thread manufacturing plant in Cartago at an investment of over US$50 million, generating 200 new jobs in direct employment. Tweet


Millicom Launches Satellite TV Services in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business News - Millicom (NASDAQ:MICC) (STO:MIC), the international telecommunications and media company, announced today that it has launched satellite pay-TV services in two more countries, Costa Rica and Honduras, in the past week. These follow the first two services in Bolivia and El Salvador, which began operations in April and May this year. Tweet

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