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wedding costs

Having a Wedding and Saying “I Do” Reach Record Costs in 2014

Having a Wedding and Saying “I Do” Reach Record Costs in 2014

Business News – First comes love. Then comes marriage. But when the romance is said and done, these occasions are almost always followed by another, less-intimate commonality: a massive credit card bill. Tweet

Burger_King_costa rica main

8% of Burger King’s Employees Being Laid Off in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business News – Another red flag is being thrown up in regards to the Costa Rican economy.  More jobs seem to be disappearing in Costa Rica as multi-nationals are starting to cut more and more in regards to their operations in the country. Tweet

Polycom video conferencing main

Using Virtualization with Cloud

Business News – Last year, Polycom announced the launch of a slew of products all designed to answer the rising demand in video conferencing for cloud based as well as virtualized software solutions. The launch is well-timed, arriving at a time when the video conferencing market finds itself in the midst of a transition. Vice

fitch-ratings costa rica

Costa Rica’s Outlook Downgraded From Stable to Negative

Costa Rica Business News – Fitch Ratings changed its outlook on Costa Rica to negative from stable, citing a widening fiscal deficit and sluggish growth in the $50 billion economy as the government struggles to get tax legislation moving in Congress. Tweet

china costa rica celac main

China & Costa Rica Team Up for Ministerial Meeting of CELAC

Costa Rica News – The foreign ministers of China, Wang Yi, and Costa Rica, Manuel González Sanz, will co-chair the first ministerial forum China-Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) which will be held on 8 and 9 January, it was reported in this capital. Tweet

video conferencing

Benefits of Video Conferencing in Training

Business News – Since the invention of video conferencing technology, it has been applied to several different outlets of society, from distance board meetings to even education and training classes. The idea of being able to utilize video conferencing software and services in a continuing education or training environment was a radical one but communication

Business Accounting

Top Tips for Business Accounting

Business News – If you own a small business, chances are it’s your entire livelihood. You’ve likely poured lots of blood (maybe), sweat, and money into getting it up and running and making a profit. With that in mind, how well are all your internal systems set up? Is it a struggle every day to

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