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costa rica tech jobs

Multinationals Look to Costa Rica for High-Tech Talent

Multinationals Look to Costa Rica for High-Tech Talent

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is more that just volcanoes and beaches, there is a business sector that many multinationals are trying to tap.  Tweet

Akamai costa rica main

Costa Rica Jobs; Akamai’s New Center of Excellence

Costa Rica Business -Global technology firm Akamai has unveiled a new facility in Costa Rica at its “center of excellence,” which provides customer support service for its operation across the region. This new investment confirms that Akamai is seeing greater demand for its cloud platform in Latin America. Tweet

Jewelry manufacturer Frederick Goldman

Frederick Goldman Acquires Assets of Costa Rica Jeweler

Costa Rica Business – Jewelry manufacturer Frederick Goldman has bought “selected assets” of Costa Rica-based bridal jewelry company Joyeros Costarricenses. Tweet

cisco costa rica

Costa Rica Government Signs Letter of Understanding with Cisco to Accelerate the Digitization of the Country

Costa Rica Business – In order to exchange information and share best practices to support the digital agenda for Costa Rica, the Telecommunications Vice Ministry, a specialized unit from MICITT (Ministerio de Ciencia Tecnología y Telecommunicaciones) of Costa Rica, and Cisco signed a Letter of Understanding for a collaboration relationship. Tweet

video conferencing in business advantages

Shorten Your Meetings and Project Deadlines with Video Conferencing

It’s no secret that we all think meetings could be spent being a bit more productive. It’s not rare to hear that meeting members are distracted by irrelevant thoughts over the course of a meeting, that as many as 73 percent were preoccupied with other tasks (such as email checking) or that meetings simply last

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