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Business articles

costa rica bananas main

Costa Rica One of the World’s Biggest Fruit Suppliers; EU On the Rise

Costa Rica One of the World’s Biggest Fruit Suppliers; EU On the Rise

Costa Rica Business – Want a banana or pineapple? It has a good chance of coming from Costa Rica. Tweet

video conferencing in business advantages

Shorten Your Meetings and Project Deadlines with Video Conferencing

It’s no secret that we all think meetings could be spent being a bit more productive. It’s not rare to hear that meeting members are distracted by irrelevant thoughts over the course of a meeting, that as many as 73 percent were preoccupied with other tasks (such as email checking) or that meetings simply last

mama bombons chocolate costa rica

Mama Bombon’s Chocolate Headed to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business News – Mama Bombon is a chocolatier. Her confections are treats full of enthusiastic wonder. She’s been in Cambridge a couple of years and loves it here. Tweet

Businesspeople Sitting In A Conference Room Looking At Computer Screen

11 Ways Video Conferencing Can Boost Your Business

It’s a competitive market out there, and as a business you’re always looking for new and exciting ways to keep your edge. New technology is often a great way of making sure you’re on the cutting edge, but has your business tried video conferencing yet? Tweet

bayer costa rica main

Bayer Opened Its First Medical Devices Plant in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business – The Bayer Group opened a plant for the production of a non-reversible permanent contraceptive device today, with an investment of US$12 million and an initial employment generation for up to 75 people. Tweet

Scotiabank citigroup purchase main

Reasons For Scotiabank’s Purchase of Citigroup Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business News – With a deal Tuesday to acquire 27 bank branches in Panama and Costa Rica from Citigroup Inc., Bank of Nova Scotia will rebalance its Latin American portfolio to gain exposure to countries more reliant on exports to the United States than China. Tweet


Best Video Conferencing Software For Business Management

In the wide market of video conferencing software, you have a lot of choices. However, one of the most important things to look for is versatility. To be cost effective, you should ensure that the software in which you invest is not only properly utilized by staff, but is also easily accessible. Today’s video conferencing

tax incentives costa rica main

Costa Rica To Offer Tax Incentives for Start-Up Businesses

Costa Rica News – High taxes are one of the reasons why opening a business in Costa Rica is so difficult and discouraging. Tweet

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