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Cat Calls & Sexaual Harrassment Happen Every Day in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – If you are a woman and you are walking through the streets of Costa Rica expect some man to call out to you or honk their horn as they pass by.

foto: Jorge Torres/La Prensa

foto: Jorge Torres/La Prensa

How sad, this happens every day, and not just the streets of downtown San Jose, “Acoso Callejero” the Spanish term for “street harassment”.

In post on the social media, a woman who considers herself attractive, yet says she doesn’t dress sexy, was recently a victim of street harassment. And of all places, in Escazu, near the country club.

As she relates her story (we’re keeping her name private), leaving her office in Escazu near the country club, a man in a car started leering at her in the creepiest of ways.

“I hope never to see him again in my life and the worst part is that I was completely covers, wearing jeans and sweatshirt, nothing sexy,” the young woman says.

When she got in the cab she says she felt ‘dirty’ from the looks of this pervert, a look that she felt was completely undressing her. And it didn’t stop, even when she pulled out her cellular phone and told him she would record him and post on the social networks.

“Don’t these guys have daughters, nieces, sisters, mothers…for me this street harassment is the worst thing, a psychological trauma that can affect any woman…so sad,” she writes.

The young woman is calling for a need “to educate people in Costa Rica” for there is a lot of sexual abuse, including in families.

“Horrible…and the worst,” she finishes the post.

Acoso callejero has come to the forefront of social conscience since last October , when Gerardo Cruz dared to record the actions of a man seen what appears to be videotaping up a woman’s skirt as she walks the streets of downtown San Jose. Cruz’s post on the social media went viral. The man, in Spanish called “viejo verde” (sexual pervert), assured publicly days later that he was doing no such thing. Cruz, days later was stabbed, dying from his wounds weeks later. Authorities say the two incidents are not related and this past week released a video of one of the two attackers believed to have stabbed Cruz.

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