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Casa Viva; An Organization Bringing Light to Costa Rica’s Foster Care System

Costa Rica News – Until recently, it was practically a secret that a foster care system exists in Costa Rica.

casa viva costa ricaThis little known fact is coming into the light thanks to Casa Viva. Check out exactly what they do and how you can help at

There are currently 4,405 children living in foster care after violence, drug abuse or neglect left them without an appropriate family to care for them. Perhaps you could be a temporary parent figure or caregiver to one of them.

Many are living in group shelters and it would be better if they could be in a temporary home without so many other kids, one that feels more like a family. They need much more attention than can be given in a shelter, even one with caring adults.

Some families receive subsidies to help with the expenses of caring for a child as he or she waits for a permanent placement. While it is hard to say goodbye, some families end up adopting the foster child and the rest say it was worth any pain of saying goodbye because they know that for a time they gave the child love they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

They gave them a head start on life and the help them understand that love truly does exist.

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