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Carlos Jinesta Displays Incredible Photography Exhibit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Do you have memories of taking photos before the digital age? Many young people know nothing about loading film into a camera, how to adjust the settings, shoot and then develop the images in a dark room.

Carlos Jinesta photography 1This old way of photography required an artist to spend hours working with chemicals in a dark room to get the image just right. One also had to know quite a few details about how to capture natural light when shooting.

For photographer Carlos Jinesta, this ritualistic pre-digital way is one of charm and magic. He hopes to pass on the love of true photography to future generations.

His work will be on display to capture attention in the Centro de Educación Salesiana Don Bosco.

The expo will present 40 photographs in black and white that were taken between 1970 and 1999 and developed in the tradition manner.

The artist explained that this technique gave one a close intimacy with his work.

He won the National Photography Prize in 1991 and has also been honored abroad. The works he will show include landscapes, characters and the spirit of Costa Rica as well as big cities.

The exhibition is part of FIA and will remain open until May 16th.


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