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Caribbean Looks to CR for Sustainability

Costa Rica Travel News – The entire Caribbean seems to want to get on board with the eco-tourism and sustainability trend in tourism. They can be inspired by the example of Costa Rica’s Caribbean side. The whole region would be wise to follow this example to provide more responsible travel options.

Caribbean travel 1It may be a new idea in the Caribbean, but sustainable tourism has been around since the ‘80s. Costa Rica is now revered as a top eco-tourism hot spot. It has built this reputation on top of its resources- both natural and related to the community. There is a strong middle class and an even stronger system of national parks.

Costa Rica has been focusing on sustainability for a while. Over the first two decades of this emphasis they saw a 7 percent increase in visitors. The amazing part is that the 7 percent increase in visitors led to a 14% increase in earnings! They are now earning two times more per tourist!

Costa Rica earns more from foreign tourists than any other country in the region. The boom in eco-tourism came with some challenges though. Traditional, large-scale resorts have been developed and offer all inclusive deals to compete with the eco-friendly sector.

If the Caribbean will look at the good things Costa Rica has done in marketing a responsible tourism market they can learn how to maintain the natural beauty of the area without giving in to chain hotels exploitation of the nature and culture that makes the Caribbean what it is.

By Kerry La

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