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Canadian Arrested in Costa Rica for Marijuana Garden

San Jose, Costa Rica – It’s for my glaucoma. A Canadian man was arrested yesterday by officers of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) after finding a garden of 70 marijuana plants in his backyard.

They caught him during a raid on the residence occupied by the Canadian, which is near the cemetery Turrucares in Alajuela.

The Judicial Police identified the suspects with the surname Poirier, 45, who has lived in Costa Rica for ten years.

Poirier maintains resident status.

The investigation into this case began three weeks ago, when neighbors alerted the authorities about the garden, according to the plaintiffs, they were marijuana plants.

After verifying the fact, investigators yesterday entered the house where they proceeded to find the plants.

During the police action, the authorities also seized in the house a gun, with which, as some neighbors had complained, the subject had used to threaten them.

The suspect, who identified himself as a merchant, was passed to the Public Ministry on charges of growing marijuana.

As of now it is unknown the sentence for this crime.


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  1. cluke said:

    Dude! Costa Rica does not have Medical Marijuana laws in place. The ganja here is horrid and below burn average any way. Its what you would call swag dirt weed. Do not waste your time growing it, because the soil can not possibly give it the right nourishment. I see you potted them too! to help with the growing process, Cheers! Next time look online and do your research to where you can get some good smoke. Stupid!… You might as well paint your car with the herbage leaves and wear the mary jane logo on your sleeveless Ts like all of the rest of the mindless Ticos here with no clue. Dude! wheres my head, anyone seen it! Oh yea, there it is and it stinks in here!

  2. cluke said:

    Also if the government wants this natural herbal element with no long term side effects or addictive qualities to be illegal, then perhaps maybe!!! and this is a big maybe….Train your local police officers better. You can go anywhere and smell the dirt weed. You can almost look anywhere and see people openly smoking it. Or here is a idea. Just legalize it totally and tax it . Make money you fools, off the impoverished population of costa rica. You do with the tobacco industry and that industry leads the number uno race is cancer ridden drugs, and number 2 in addictive qualities.

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