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Can You Imagine Gondolas as Transportation in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – An architect, John Osborne, came up with the idea of using cable cars as a means of public transportation in San Jose.


He began developing the idea in 2013 and won an award for it in 2016.

Aerial gondolas wouldn’t replace current public transportation but would be an added option, one that gets people off of crowded roads and offers the opportunity to see views of nature from a new perspective as one arrives at his destination.

Such systems already exist in London, Medellin, Barcelona and Colorado. Among the benefits found in these locations is that since they are electric they make little noise.

They, while slow moving, often connect communities quicker than a ride through rush hour traffic.

His proposal includes an East-West and North-South ride within biological corridors with various stops. He points out that setting up gondolas costs between $4.8 and 19 million per kilometer while creating light rail on land systems costs around $58 million per kilometer.

It will also have a psychological effect on the population, the chance to regularly observe nature and enjoy a peaceful ride to work or even just for fun.

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