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Cameras To Capture Details on Costa Rica Diversity

Costa Rica News – Rangers in Costa Rica have used camera traps in order to collect information to be used in making better management decisions in regards to protecting the biodiversity of the country that is praised worldwide.

costa rica animalsThe cameras were used to capture details on diversity, abundance and density of species, as well as to track the daily behaviors of some animals, such as hours of activity and rest and use of habitat.

The Conservation Area Tempisque used the technique to detect the presence or absence of migratory species. In Cocos Island the devices were focused on exotic species including rats, pigs and deer.

A total of 78 cameras were donated to the National System of Conservation Areas by the International Cooperation Agency.

The cameras are activated by motion and heat sensors so that photos can be taken without humans in the area changing the environment.

This first phase is about much more than getting nice photos. The pilot program will collect data that will then be analyzed with a goal of adjusting research protocols and promoting better management of the environment.

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