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Cameras in Parrot Nests in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Environmental studies have always been at the heart of the Costa Rican education system and they are improving with technology and innovative ideas.

Students this year benefited from cameras placed in red parrot nests.

In the ‘90s, the bird was in serious threat of extinction due to the robbery of them to be sold as pets. Luckily, they are still around. Four chambers were placed in the macaw nests and school children were able to follow the whole nesting process of the species through the Internet at school, in their homes and even on their cell phones.

50 students observed how a pair selects a nest and prepares it, lays the egg, takes care of it and how it hatches.

They also watched the chicks grow for 75 days until they left the nest to move with their parents to a mangrove.

To demonstrate how much they learned, children are engaging in a drawing contest. They will also create a mural.

The teacher associated the project with science and math lessons.

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