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Calypso Island Cruise Auction to Support the Animal Rescue Program of McKee Jaco

Costa Rica News – With the recent animal abuse that has come to the forefront in Costa Rica and brought the eyes of the world towards the land of “Pura Vida” in a negative manner, it is good to have a light in the darkness.  

The non-profit organization Asociacion Pro Bienestar Animal, known also as “McKee Jaco”, has brought that light to the Central Pacific of Costa Rica.  McKee Jaco is an organization trying to make a difference in themantaraya costa rica calypso cruise Jaco community and the surrounding areas. Their mission is “To end pain and suffering of all companion animals in Latin America.”

But like most non-profits they rely on external support for their incredible program.

Right now they are holding a FACEBOOK AUCTION FOR 2 TICKETS TO:

The World Famous CALYPSO ISLAND CRUISE – A relaxing one-day adventure on the catamaran Manta Raya.

This wonderful cruise sails past seven islands in the Gulf of Nicoya, on the way to beautiful Isla Tortuga. Read more at

This great tour for two was donated to the Asociacion Pro Bienestar Animal, known also as “McKee Jaco” by MRS. CECILIA REID, general manager of the company. All proceeds go to the rescue program.

Enjoy this wonderful tour on the luxury Catamaran Manta Raya and at the same time help the stray animals in Costa Rica.

The value of both tickets is $290.-

MINIMUM BID: $145.- Bids must be made in increments of at least 10 USD.

MAKE YOUR BID at JACO GARAGE SALE or email [email protected]

This auction ends on Friday, February 6th, at 12. 00 md.



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