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California Haunting; EVPs & Ghost Hunting

Ghosts & the Supernatural – A young man who liked Angie, while she worked at the hospital, died in a car accident. He now follows Angie around and moves the bed, closes doors in the house. His presence frightens her and she wants him out.

As soon as we arrived, Jon Koyasako and another investigator heard a knocking from the front area of the house. Angi tells us that she feels there may be 5 entities in her house. Let’s identify them.

1. Ghost Stalker – some guy who liked Angi is now following her after he died. He sits on the bed. There are sitting impressions on the bed where he sits next to her.

2. Anil. Possible brother-in-law.

3. Grandfather Dukhi. He was lean, wore glasses and Debbie Scott felt a presence in the house, in which she described the entity as being lean and wearing glasses.

4. The Sister’s Mother-in-Law. When she was alive, she liked to tickle Angi. Now that she is dead, she still loves to tickle Angi.

5. Chest Sitter: There is an entity or entities that like to sit on Angi’s chest and Angi has a hard time breathing. Old Hag Syndrome?

Angi says that she sees via her peripheral vision, darting moving shadows. Brent George in the master bedroom captured a male faint unintelligible EVP.

K2 meter picks up an electro-magnetic path. Later it goes back to basic baseline, the electro-magnetic path vanishes. This happened in the living room.

One of the entities communicated with us 4 times. When attempting to get EVPs, Angi would say that she did not like the way the entity was harassing her. Whenever Angi would say something to the entities, the K2 Meter temperature change alarm would go off on a continuous mode, it even went off to the sound of Angi’s voice on the recorder. This happened 4 times and it’s hard to call that an coincidence, when it would only go off to Angi’s voice and no one else’s voice. The alarm especially went off when Angi said that the entity or entities would go into the light.

Brent George brought over Palo Santo wood and with Palo Santo wood, Debbie Scott cleansed the house, while I conducted a Roman Catholic blessing with holy water. We will monitor this family to make sure that the entities were cleared out.

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