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Caiman Crocodile Captured in Parque la Paz in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Neighbors of Parque la Paz have been worried for a few months now about someone new in the area- a caiman crocodile.

Caiman Crocodile costa rica 1These creatures are common throughout the Caribbean and the South Pacific, but not in the La Paz park.

It seems likely that someone may have found it as a baby and kept it as a pet until it became too big, and then they released it irresponsibly within the park. It is estimated to be about two years old.

Because of the animal’s size, it took four days to capture it. It was 64 inches long. The officials of the Central Volcanic Range Conservation Area are happy to report that they were able to capture it by illuminating the lake in order to detect the red eyes.

The authorities ask that we remember this story when considering what kind of animals to keep as pets.

Keep in mind that they always grow and need more food and an adequate amount of space to live. Wild animals belong in the wild.

Not a picture of the actual crocodile, just thought it looked scary….Happy Halloween!

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