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Buyer Beware – J. P. Wilson Developer

J. P. Wilson is a property developer in Costa Rica selling projects in the Lake Arenal area. He touts 6 separate projects there called Buena Vista 1 through 6. According to Paul from Michigan writing in the Ripoff Report Wilson is a hard-sell ripoff and scam artist. After arriving in Costa Rica in September 2011 Paul attended the International Living Magazine Conference where he encountered John Patrick Wilson’s booth. Wilson was hawking the Arenal properties also known as ‘Yes Arenal.’ At his invitation Paul went to stay at the property site for a few days.

As part of the tour Wilson gives he showcases the local businesses and introduces prospective buyers to existing satisfied customers. As Paul found out later, “One guy was lying about his residence.”

As things seemed to be going well and the staff was very nice and accommodating Paul put down a deposit of $2,500 to hold the property while his attorney reviewed the agreement. Paul says, “You see, we heard so many horror stories about Americans being ripped off buying property in foreign countries so we wanted to be extra careful and let an Attorney review the agreement before we made any kind of a real commitment.”

A few days later with the contract under review Paul received an email stating that Wilson needed “$15,000 more right away.” Forwarding this email to his attorney immediately Paul was advised against going through with the deal especially due to easement issues on the property and some discrepancies in the agreement itself.

Paul tried contacting Wilson a number of times by phone and email about returning his deposit but was unsuccessful. To date Wilson has not returned Paul’s deposit and Paul feels that Wilson is “extremely unprofessional” and a purchase agreement “won’t protect you from JP Wilson Developments.”

According to Paul JP Wilson is an American from California that feels he’s “untouchable” in Costa Rica.

Frank Walsh from Miami, Florida had a similar experience with JP Wilson.

According to the Ripoff Report on August 2006 Frank gave Wilson a deposit of $8,200 for property at Buena Vista 6 in the Arenal area. Mr. Walsh states that according to a contract he signed with Wilson the land title would be available within six months and then they could start to build on the property.

As of July 2007, seven months past the stated start date in the contract Wilson finally said that he still did not have title to the property after having repeatedly telling Walsh he did have it. It was at that time that Frank Walsh demanded his deposit returned. Wilson refused and told Walsh to sue him.

Both Paul and Frank want people to be aware of J. P. Wilson and that they did not keep the terms of their respective contracts nor had Wilson built a single home at the project, Buena Vista 1 through 6, in the Arenal area.

Walsh says that he can’t afford a lawyer to sue Wilson and that he’s “a very hateful person.” Paul says, “Thank goodness we didn’t give John Wilson anymore money.”

As we all say: Buyer beware.

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