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BusMaps; Making it Easy to Get Around Costa Rica by Bus

Costa Rica News – If you’ve been in Costa Rica more than a day, I’m sure you’ve been frustrated with the lack of organized information regarding public transportation.

busmaps costa ricaNavigating the bus system is difficult even for locals.

This may end soon with the new app that is to be released from a startup company.

Fernando Fung thought of the idea of centralizing public transit info when he was a student at Pace University in New York.

He and his colleagues rode hundreds of buses in Costa Rica, taking pictures of stops along the way and talking to drivers for all the needed information such as fares and schedules. And so, BusMaps Costa Rica was born.

There are almost 700 routes in Costa Rica, with 400 different companies operating them.

BusMaps currently has 36 routes, 250 terminals and 2,000 stops mapped. It’s available online and used by 3,000 people. Soon an Android and iOS app will be available, possibly by the end of this month. New routes will be added. 

Busmaps Website 

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