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Business Serves Adults-Only Pizza

Saltavore’s in Boston is making a pizza that you have so show your ID to eat.  You may like to have beer or wine with your pizza, but have you ever had alcohol on it?

A Boston pizza parlor is serving up a new type of pizza with the alcohol fused in the toppings.

The pizza party at Salvatore’s is for 21 and up. It’s now serving up adults-only pizza, featuring toppings soaked in alcohol. ID is definitely required.

“How do we jazz the pizzas up and how do we make them fun. Somebody said let’s put booze on them. And I’m like, that would be kind of cool,” said Chick Barbato.

And so the Vignola cherry pizza was born, which comes tops with fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, prosciutto, honey, and the main event: raspberry vodka-soaked cherries.

“We do macerate cherries for quite some time with the raspberry vodka. That becomes a pretty prominent flavor so it doesn’t burn off in the oven,” said Barbato.

Seven minutes in the oven is not nearly enough to make the pizza virgin, which is why they card customers who order it just to be safe.

“Too much would be like two to three pizzas worth. So I think you’d be pretty full before you got a buzz,” said Barbato.

The pizza place says the adults-only pizza has been so popular, two more versions will be launched next month, one with Kahlua-marinated pork and another with rum-infused peaches.


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