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Budweiser Admits, Beer Has No Taste

I know, I know. This isn’t news. Most of us know that Budweiser is akin to fizzy pond water and suitable to drink only in emergencies (as in you’re on a deserted island surrounded by sea water infested with man-eating sharks). So, Anheuser-Busch claiming, “Taste is making an entrance on 02.03.13,” with their new Budweiser Black Crown label garners a chuckle or two.

Come on, guys. We know you can do better than that. Yes, your beer tastes like aged cat piss, but you don’t have to admit it, then offer this “Black Crown” beer as an apology. It’s ok, it really, really is.

Although, we do understand that you’re trying to keep up with America’s increasing demand for delicious, mouth-watering craft beer. Craft brews now make up 5% of the nation’s total market share by volume and continue to grow as macro-brewery volumes are at a decline. Socially, it’s trendier to grab a drink of the local house ale than to ask the bartender for a pint of Coors or Bud. In fact, an increasing number of pubs are refusing to carry anything but brews from independent microbreweries and bartenders will often tsk tsk in disapproval if you ask for anything but.

To put it plainly, craft beer is now en vogue to the point where owning your own home-brewing kit and a notebook dedicated to the subtleties of bitterness is chic. It’s a cultural change that’s forcing the top beer companies in the US to step it up.

However, I digressed. The Black Crown was a yearlong project involving a challenge in which 12 “brewmasters” crafted six different beers and 25,000 customers sampled for their favorite pick. According to a company press release, the winning brew has “more body, color and hop character than the flagship lager” and has a 6% ABV compared to the 4.8% ABV of your standard Bud. The new amber lager features the same yeast used in Bud and comes from a strain used in 1876 by Adolphus Busch.

While the beer will be available in stores nationwide on January 21, Budweiser Black Crown will make its grand entrance on February 3 during Super Bowl XLVII with a 30-second ad. Here’s to cat piss and change.


By: Charisma Madarang,

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