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Budget Approved for Graffiti Removal as Help For Children in Need is Removed

Costa Rica News – When I see how governments work around the world, I am amazed that there is one working brain cell or heart among any of them.

graffiti costa ricaRecently it was announced that the health ministry in Costa Rica is making budget cuts and among those cuts is a 35% decrease to the amazing Cen-Cinai progrm. This program feeds, educated and cares for children in need from 6 months to 7 years olds.

At the same time that these cuts are being made 3 Million Colones (bout $6,000) is being allocated to clean up graffiti on the congress building’s walls.

This graffiti was placed on the walls of the legislative assembly over the past years due to protests against the Costa Rican governments actions and laws.

Over the weekend a criminal complaint was filed against those who put graffiti on the walls of Congress.

Look I know that this is probably not close to the budget cuts being implemented for programs like Cen-Cinai but I am sure there are 100’s of $s being allocated in places less important than helping these kids.

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