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Brother Impregnates 11 Year Old Costa Rican Sister

Costa Rica News – Some things people do just make you want to say what is wrong with the world today, but then you realize or at least hope that is only a sick few.

pregnant girl by brother costa rica 1An 11 year old girl is pregnant and her brother is being investigated for supposedly impregnating her. The boy is 14 years old. Liberia’s Juvenile Criminal Prosecutions confirmed that a case has been opened for the crime of aggravated rape.

Necessary procedures must be carried out, including medical exams and reports to PANI in order to clarify all the facts. The authorities knew about the situation since a month ago when the girl was taken to the Enrique Baltodano Briceño Hospital. The Department of Social Work at the medical center referred the case.

A PANI spokeswomen said that the violation occurred on a trip to San Jose and the local office can only handle cases that happened in Liberia.

The boy was moved to the house of relatives and the girl is staying with her mother. Since the boy is over age 12 he may face 12 to 18 years in prison or in a juvenile center.

There is a call for better sex education programs so that kids don’t consider sex a game. Pregnancy at such a young age is likely harmful to both mother and baby because the body is not ready to have a baby.

The National Children’s Hospital can not treat the girl because they don’t have an obstetrics and gynecology service. She will likely be transferred to Hospital Mexico for being a high risk pregnancy.

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