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Brenda Castro’s Miss Universe Costume Brings Controversy

Costa Rica Entertainment – Is there ever a Miss anything competition without controversy?

brenda castro miss costa rica 2015 miss universe 1This year, Brenda Castro, Miss Costa Rica 2015, showed her fantasy costume for the Miss Universe pageant on her Instagram and the public reacted.

As always, there were positive and negative views among her social network followers. Some criticized the coffee plant in the back and others called the design vulgar or too short.

The creation comes from the national designer Manuel Mamilo Sancho. He was inspired by the coffee flower to make this two piece costume. The coffee bean is such an integral part to the social, economic and cultural aspects of the country. The costume also pays tribute to the traditional Tico dancewear and the aprons worn by Tico grandmothers.

To those who complain about the short skirt, keep in mind she is going to a beauty contest so her beauty must be highlighted and shown off. Each part of the dress was handmade and she is proud to wear something so symbolic of Costa Rica.

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