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Brand New All-Inclusive Resort Opens In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – Costa Rica has become a very popular destination in the last years. Families, groups of friends, solo travelers…everybody wants to visit this small but diverse country. The country has received a lot of recognition recently such as being one of the best countries for family vacations, one of the most romantic getaways and one of the safest countries to travel solo. has led the hospitality industry to grow fast, and that’s why many hotel chains and national projects have been carried out recently. One of the newest all-inclusive options for Costa Rica vacations for families with Travel Excellence is Dreams Las Mareas in Jobo Beach, Guanacaste.

Dreams Las Mareas is a $130 million resort is a project of Pellas Development Group, a company dedicated to creating innovative tourist destinations in the region. Its location is an isolated town named La Cruz, and the group’s idea is to convert it in a more developed town.

About Dreams Las Mareas all-inclusive Resort

Dreams Las Mareas is part of AMResorts, an Apple Leisure Group subsidiary. The decision of this chain to enter in Costa Rica with this family-friendly project was based on AMResort’s goal of offering new and breathtaking vacation options.

The hotel has 447 spacious and luxuriously equipped suites and all its architecture and furnishings have been thought to represent Costa Rican culture. The resort also offers 8 a-la-carte restaurants, 7 festive bars and lounges and a variety of water and adventure activities.

Its pool of 4.000 square meters is considered as the largest of Guanacaste province, place where are located the most of all-inclusive resorts of the country.

Also, its all-inclusive modality is named Unlimited Premium Luxury; this means that guests will enjoy of all-inclusive luxury services during its stay.

About The Guanacaste Province

Guanacaste is home of the most luxurious all-inclusive beach resorts of Costa Rica. All of them are located nearby the new Daniel Oduber International Airport (LIB), and this has led the province to become an important arrival destination for a lot of travelers. This airport is receiving international flights from USA and Europe more and more in recent years.

Dreams Las Mareas for example is located approximately 1.5 hours away driving from this airport, on a road full of beautiful landscapes.

Besides this, Guanacaste also offers a variety of beautiful beaches for all kind of tourists. White sand beaches, a beach that instead of sand has millions of crushed shells, beaches perfect for surfing and the best spots for diving of the country are all located here.

On the other hand, Guanacaste also offers a variety of options for the most adventurous. If people want to relax but also spend some time experiencing the adventure that Costa Rica offers, in Guanacaste are available a lot of thrilling tours such as white water rafting, zip lining and sea kayaking. Aside from this, a lot of golf courses and fishing options are also available for the lovers of these sports.

About El Jobo Beach

The beach where this all-inclusive resort is located is a secluded and isolated beach. El Jobo, as it is named, is a golden sand beach surrounded by a tropical jungle.

It’s not a private beach; indeed in Costa Rica all beaches are public, but due to its geographical location it is almost private for guests. Nonetheless, the hotel, in order to protect the privacy of its guests, built a complex nearby the beach for local visitors.

The best way to get to this beach is booking a private transportation that will take you from the airport to the resort. In Costa Rica there are other options such as shuttle services or the public transportation, but as it is a really isolated place, will be a little bit difficult getting there that way.

Guest Author: Lolita Di,

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