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Brain Wave Optimization Comes to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – I know many people that have come to Costa Rica to escape their pasts and to try to start anew. However,  those past pains, traumas, and addictions mentally are carried with you down every path you go.  Many try to escape them in a new country only to find that all of those skeletons and ghosts have are there in your suitcases when you arrive. What if you could actually get over and through them in 2 weeks?

Lee Gerdes, the founder of Brain State Conditioning, believes that there is simply no limit to our brain power! Imagine what that could mean if it’s true! He has developed a technology and theory that has now been tested and proven to help individuals with many painful or addictive conditions to be fully recovered and remain in that state.

When I started the sessions I thought that as they say in The Big Bang Theory, that it was complete hokum. However, after only 4 sessions I have less anxiety. I am more in control. I have more drive with less fear. I sleep better and have better clarity in my thoughts.  I still get a little frustrated with the day to day inconveniences in Costa Rica but the frustration passes almost immediately.

Brain Wave Optimization (BWO) is based on quantum physics and begins with an assessment of electromagnetic energy in the brain, using non-invasive intellectrodes places on the outside of the scalp at key points. You are then given a number of exercises personalized for your brain to achieve balance.

This technique can be used to treat addictions, compulsive behaviors, mental troubles such as panic and eating disorders, ADD, and post traumatic stress. It has now been tested on thousands of people including inmates and war veterans.

Gerdes stresses that  BWO is not a medical or psychological service, rather it is a technology which balances the brain offering desirable results. Balance means that both sides of the brain and each region balance against each other. It is like loading a ship so it doesn’t tilt or sink. The electromagnetic energy comes from 100 billion neurons interacting and being affected by stimuli. When trauma occurs, these neurons form protective patterns. These patterns later may cause issues.  The information collected is  used to figure out how to balance the parts that are unbalanced, focusing on the flexibility of the brain when transitioning from rest to activity.

Whether you are looking to increase peace, decrease pain, or stop addictions, BWO might be for you. Some treatment centers claiming to provide these same benefits charge $1,000 per day. In total BWO  costs as little as $500 to $1000 for the whole process,  consisting of an initial assessment and ten or more two hour sessions. Some people have seen or felt results after only 1-2 sessions! What sets it apart from other treatments is that it doesn’t depend on your willpower, which you have probably noticed is weak, rather it’s results are based on the power of your limitless brainpower which you have not yet experienced!

Brain Wave Harmony is offering a free assessment for potential clients.

Contact them in Santa Ana at [email protected] or 8567 7223.


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