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Birdwatchers Find Uncommon Species in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Four species of hummingbirds were expected to be found in a study in the Las Vueltas, Sákira and Buena Vista hills.

selasphorus-scintillaTwo other types, however, were also found in this area where they are uncommon, as the species’ tend to live in lower-altitude ecosystems.

The species expected at this location were the Colibri thalassinus, Selasphorus flammula, Eugenes fulgens, and Panterpe insignis.

The surprise was the Lampornis castaneoventris and the Selasphorus scintilla.

Populations are moving upwards and after the eight month study, scientists are still unsure as to why. The study will continue through 2017.

The observations are part of a much larger research project funded by the Special Fund for Higher Education of the National Council of Rectors.

It is meant to analyze the degree of vulnerability of the interactions between plants and pollinators due to climate change.

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