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Bird Watching in Beautiful Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – Birdwatchers have long been aware that if they go to the right places in Costa Rica it is possible to sight 100 species in a single day.

bird watching costa ricaIf they are able to stay for two weeks, 500 can be spotted.

There are a reported 910 species found in this country that is as small as West Virginia. There is no other part of Latin America with more birds per square kilometer. Because of this, a group of hoteliers designed a bird route to direct and guide birdwatchers.

Costa Rica Birding Hotspots is the name of the project. It brings together 10 hotels and tour operators, each of which meets high standards such as having a private reserve for conservation, being near biological corridors, and having a sustainability certification.

These optimal sites are defined by BirdLife International to be areas for breeding, feeding, resting, migration, residence, or that are home to endemic, rare or threatened species.

By following the proposed trail around the country, one can observe birds in various climates, such as dry, rainy, cloudy, mountainous, forest and mangrove.

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