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Bird Watching Contest in Costa Rica; Who Can See the Most?

Costa Rica News – Seeking Birdman of the Year! Costa Rica Birding brings us a competition for bird watching in the country.

costa rica bird watchingThe country already has special routes for the activity. 30% of the foreign tourists are birders.

100 bird species are seen every day, on average, in the country. Some got to thinking, how many could be seen in a whole year? Hotels and tour operators come together to report bird species spotted.

Now it’s time for the public to get involved. The winner of the contest will be the one who records the highest number of species in this initiative to awaken the passion for Costa Rica’s avifauna. The winner will stay for a week in three of the best hotels for birdwatching.

Nationals and foreigners may participate by sending your name, age, place of residence, phone number and proof of identity to [email protected] You may then begin tracking birds in any part of the country including the patrimonial sea. You must avoid restricted zones.

For rules and more info see

This contest will benefit communities through ecotourism as well as help determine bird behavior and migration habits.

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