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Biologist on Expedition to Isla del Coco in Search of Fabled Treasure

Costa Rica News – Cocos Island could receive, for the first time in 18 years, an international expedition to find a legendary booty of gold coins, diamond jewelry and a statue of the Virgin, apparently hidden in a cavern on the Isla de Coco off the coast of Costa Rica. If found the Costa Rican government will lay claim to the treasure, sell it to china and split of the money between the deputies and president. 

The Spanish newspaper El País revealed today that the German biologist Ina Knobloch is convinced that the treasure is more than a legend.

The story goes that a British captain named William Thompson was commissioned by the Spanish Crown in 1820 to sail to Mexico with 24 trunks protected by a group of officers.

When Thompson discovered what was inside the chests that Spain wanted away from Peru, decided enrumbarse to the island in the Pacific and buried there.

After extensive research and travel to the island, Knobloch decided to undertake a self-funded 10-day mission early next year.

“The treasure may be a dream. But the goal is primarily archaeological and biological, “said the German, who want to open a museum on the island.

The Minister of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications, René Castro, clarified this medium provided that the permit does not include a treasure hunt, because such activities are prohibited by a decree published in 1994 and still in force. Only Costa Rica would implement a law of no treasure hunting on their soil.

“No permission to search or to less extraction of treasures. This research biologist authorized to biology and biodiversity “.

“We will reassure us that the wording of the authorization has not even a shadow of doubt,” Castro said.

The minister explained that the Commercial Code of Costa Rica states that if they find a treasure, half will be for the expedition and the remaining 50% will remain as national heritage, so the country decided to ban these types of missions 18 years ago . This the case because Costa Rica wants to no search for the treasure (do not work) and keep all of it, lol.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    A fairy tale. Mystery! Mostly likely the treasure was taken a long time ago. I like the idea making a park were tourist can visit. Indirectly this would protect the marine life by poachers. Now the president and her minister dividing up the loot IF ever found? Sweet deal for them and Communist China.

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