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Bimbo The Open Sea; Open Water Event in Punta Leona

Costa Rica News & Events – “Bimbo The Open Sea” will bring thousands of people together on April 26 and 27 to swim the calm waters of Punta Leona. The event’s organizer, Ricardo Prada, remembers the day the idea came about.

punta leona open water swim“I remember it well, in conversation with a member of Punta Leona we talked about doing a three kilometer event, we presented the idea to the manager of Punta Leona (hotel), and he supported us.”

Prada’s idea started before the International Swimming Federation developed the idea of open water events. “I want to bring this country to swim, the more people added the fewer health problems we will have,” he explained. In the first year, it was just 42 swimmers. Then it grew annually. Four years ago, there were 1000.

The 2014 edition has already met its quota and has a waiting list of swimmers wanting to participate. The 1,500 meter swim will start on Saturday at noon, divided into three groups of 175 swimmers each. At 12:20, the 3,000 meter swim will begin, with 150 participants.

After 5, the group will go to a nightclub to party in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the event. The awards ceremony will also take place at the club. On Sunday, it’s the kids’ turn. They are divided into two groups: 9-10 year olds and 11-12 year olds. The 50 children will swim 300 meters. Then it will be time for the 50 senior citizens to do their swim.

The weekend concludes with a race called “Crossing the Leona,” which is 2,200 meters, and then an awards ceremony for the winners of the second day’s events.

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