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Best Excuses to Get Out of Parking Violation Tickets in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The old “dog ate my homework” type excuses are coming out of the woodwork in regards to saying why people parked badly in Costa Rica.

They have even been using the church to try to get out of these violations.

Drivers claim all sorts of excuses to try and get out of fines for bad parking. In some cases, this allows the offenders to recover their license plates and stall for time to pay the penalty.

Drivers use many excuses and stories to appeal the sanction.

These include having a “physiological need to go to the bathroom,” needing to be on time to a medical appointment or mass, and lack of signage.

In the end, however, most appeals are denied because the arguments presented are weak. Claims are often thrown out because there are neither witnesses nor arguments requiring analysis.

The amount of tickets and appeals has skyrocketed since the change in traffic law which now allows cops to ticket and remove plates from cars even in the absence of the drivers.

The fine is ¢52,000 for parking in an inappropriate place, such as on sidewalks, in yellow line zones, near fire hydrants or obstructing a garage.

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