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Best Beach in Costa Rica?

In my opinion, Playa Conchal is the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica. The dazzling beauty of Playa Conchal is very moving. This beach is definitely one of a kind in Costa Rica. The sand is composed of millions of crushed sea-shells. It looks white and is very cool to touch. The waters are a glorious turquoise blue, impeccable for swimming. There are a number of resorts adjacent to it.

I also loved the Limon area when I visited it. The water is great.

Corcovado is also spectacular. Corcovado is on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Its beaches are ripped with brown sands that are shielded by palm trees. Inland is one of Costa Rica’s eco-zones the Corcovado National Park, which has some of the coolest wildlife in the world. One of the highlights is to take a charter boat ride to Isla del Caño, a divers’ paradise and an archaeological dream to see the Island’s pre-Colombian stone spheres. It has been established as a protected national park, with a permanent ranger station on the island. Marine life includes manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles, whales, and a wide variety of tropical-colored fish.

Like Corcovado, South of Limon, has the Cahuita National Park and Manzanillo just two more eco-zone that Costa Rica sports. It is not uncommon to hear monkey chatter and see them swinging in the trees. South of Limon takes on the personally of a kick-back Jamaican lifestyle with the beaches to match.

Tambor is also amazing. At one time Tambor was inhabited by whales. Lazy-arched bays calm the swells and make thewaters glassy, a perfect spot to swim, snorkel, scuba drive, and pinch sand between the toes when taking a sunset walk. Inland you can horseback ride, take a hike, and/or enjoy the quite lifestyle.

Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica’s largest peninsula) has so many strips of sand, it must be on the top beaches in the world list.

Playa Tamarindo is the mecca of tourism in Costa Rica – its surrounding beaches are the home to the giant leatherback turtles (and others) where they annually climb up the beaches to lay their eggs.

What’s your favorite Costa Rican beach?

This was submitted by a Costa Rican Times reader (Steven Matthews), if you have your own opinion on this topic feel free to submit it to [email protected]

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  1. Jim said:

    My favorite beaches are Playa Grande near Tamarindo and Playa Carate on the south west of Osa. Both are expansive beaches which showcase the raw power and beauty of the Pacific. I love how the wind stirs up an eerie mist on the beach at Carate with rocky outcrops dotting the background.

  2. Joe Sais said:

    In 2006, during the months of January and February, I lived in Chuck Miller’s (may he rest in peace) house in the small village of Tambor. Then in April of this year I returned to Costa Rica for one month and stayed a few nights in Tambor at the Tambor Tropical Resort. Neither time did I find very much fine sand on the beach that fronts the village of Tambor. Mostly, the beach front is composed of small rocks, small patches of grass and vines that crawl along the course sand and volcanic dirt mixture. Certainly NOT like the picture in your article with apparently scores of meters of white undulating sand. Is it possible your description and picture are from location of the Barcelo Tambor Resort? I’ve never used that resort but their beach front sand may be of a different composition than that of the actual village of Tambor and its beach front sand. The distinction of *exactly* where the nice sand is would be a very important bit of information for those of us from the U.S.A. who are selecting vacation spots based on articles like you have written. By the way, despite the rough beach front that is next to the village of Tambor, I thoroughly enjoyed both my stays in that village. The friendly mix of los costarricenses and ex-pats from the U.S.A. and other countries, the different types of forest nearby with the calls of the howling monkeys and birds, and of course the Bahia Ballena made for a wonderful, out-of-the-way place to relax and unwind from the hectic pace of life in big cities of the U.S.A. I should inform you that you should not confuse me with the Joe Sais who lives in Palmares…he is my son. ¡Pura Vida!

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