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Benefits of Using a Costa Rica Property Management Company

Owning vacation rental property is a challenging undertaking regardless of whether you’re in a different country or around the block. When you own property in country you’re not a resident of, things get infinitely more difficult. In addition to learning to navigate the rental atmosphere of that particular location, owners have to learn how to line up trusted service providers to help with things they may not be able to do themselves, such as certain repairs.

Then there are the specific laws and regulations of that country that rental property owners may not be familiar with. There are permits and registrations that need to be handled. Homeowners definitely benefit from having an experienced property management company handle all aspects of the business.

Find Out More About Costa Rica Property Management 

costa-rica-property-managementSo what are some specific things that specialty Costa Rican vacation property management companies like Vacasa handle?

Marketing and advertising your property- They know exactly where to post your property in order for it to get the most exposure. They take professional-grade photos of everything in order to showcase the home in the best way possible. They write listings that grab a viewer’s attention and provides enough enticing details that the renter sees it’s the ideal place to stay in and wants to book right on the spot.

Know the market in order to price your property competitively- Vacation property prices fluctuate like any real estate market. Even more so in tourist areas like Jacó, where there are 2 seasons, and the occupancy rate changes to reflect that. You need to keep up with the market rate of vacation rentals in order to stay in the game. When working with Vacasa, your vacation property is priced to stay competitive. Regardless of how much the currently rental rate is, we still guarantee the best price and that you will earn more from your vacation rental than if you were renting it on your own.

Handling tenant screening- There is no reason to worry about getting unsavory guests destroying your property. Vacation property management companies carefully screen and vet all renters before they accept reservations. They handle security deposits and if anything happens during the stay, they handle the steps needed in order to get the property back on the market as soon as possible.

Make routine repairs and do preventative maintenance- Every homeowner knows that regardless of how well a property is maintained, there will be small things here and there that need to be addressed. A leaky faucet. A running toilet. A window that doesn’t latch properly. An owner never needs to worry about getting these issues taken care of when there is a property management company to step in.

Interact with your guests- Vacation property rental companies such as Vacasa shine when it comes to guest service. Every point of contact with potential renters is handled in a courteous and professional manner by the team of local hospitality specialists. There is someone on-call 24/7 to handle any problems that may arise during a guest’s stay. Property owners don’t have to field any more calls from tenants or worse yet…neighbors…saying there are problems at the home.

You’re still in control- Just because you have a partner helping you with the day-to-day operations of your vacation rental property, doesn’t mean that you’re kept out of the loop. It’s exactly the opposite. Vacasa has a state-of-the-art property owner’s portal that can be accessed at any time to see the status of a current rental, the schedule of upcoming rentals or even maintenance and repair work that has been done or needs to be done. You’re never kept in the dark. You can relax because we’ve got you covered.

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