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Belen the Most Competitive Canton in Costa Rica Due to Technology

Costa Rica News – If you are looking for the most competitive canton in Costa Rica when it comes to the world market, look no further than Belen.  The high-tech exports, mainly generated by the making of Intel microprocessors, make Belen  the canton of the country most competitive in the large scale world economy.

This is confirmed by data from the Cantonal Competitiveness Index 2011, released yesterday by the Development Observatory of the University of Costa Rica, and the Council for the Promotion of Competitiveness (CPC).

This is rated on the greater potential for innovation and development of infrastructure in the county.

On the topic of innovation, taking into account the concentration of high technology exports and the number of research projects, among others.

In terms of infrastructure, including the miles of roads and the number of households with access to electricity, water, telephone and Internet.

Belén, Heredia, and the cantons Central and Montes de Oca, San Jose, are leading the Cantonal Competitiveness Index .

This group is followed by the cantons of Tibás, Curridabat, Escazú, Heredia Central, Alfaro Ruiz y Flores.

According Anabelle Ulate, director of the Centre for Development, the index quantifies the factors that give advantage on economic activity in the county.

“The location of the cantons in the Index does not define them as good or bad, but indicates its ability to generate competitiveness,” he said.

For the fifth consecutive year, the canton of Los Chiles, Alajuela, canton ranked the least competitive country.

Despite the poor location of Upala  is one of the fastest growing counties in electricity consumption and employment generation. Meanwhile, San Jose leads the business climate, but is among the last in quality of life.

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