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Being Grigo’d in Costa Rica; Customer Service Nightmares

Costa Rica Living – There is a reason why many decide to ship their items in Costa Rica instead of buying in the country.  This was submitted by one of our readers and their experience buying a washing machine.

Ojo! Watch out! Electro San Pedro is run by an owner that is an unprofessional liar.

I bought a washing machine there that came with a one month guarantee. Couldn’t even try it the first day because both hoses were with holes in them on both ends. There are the first four problems…four leaks. He responds with that I don’t know how to connect them (Problem 5). Connecting things is something my kindergarten age son is learning. Next, he doesn’t have any hoses in his entire store to replace them. I’ll have to make another trip (problem 6). I’d like to test the replacements in his shop but surprisingly this ‘shop’ doesn’t have anywhere to test them (problem 7) This leads me to think that he did not, in fact, ever try the machine he sent me home with because how could he with no water source?

Problems 8-12 come in when I get home. The automatic washer does not automatically switch from washing to draining to spinning. You have to manually start each part of the ‘automatic’ machine cycle. The wash part doesn’t spin or fill up all the way. It doesn’t drain properly and there is no spinning action.

I call him to come fix it and he says he will be here at 9:30. No call at 9:30. At 10:30 I call him and he says he decided to get off the bus and walk 3 km because he likes walking. I, however, don’t like waiting. I took time off for this. I’m losing more money on this purchase (problem 13). He has me take my son out of school early to accommodate his schedule.

While waiting to see if the machine works he lectures me about how he is the expert. Here are the next million problems. He forgets to plug it in. He forgets to direct the water hose that will drain it. He tells me I’m a racist, I need a husband, I don’t know how to press the start button, I don’t know how to read. It continues. He assures me he will never give me my money back.

After some fancy name dropping he hurried to get my money.

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