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Beer-Flavored Ice Cream……Yum!

Food News – This flavor would be a huge hit in Costa Rica, especially during Semana Santa.  Hmmmmm, Wonder if they could sell it in municipalities where the dry law was being enforced? 

beer_ice_creamNever mind rum raisin.

A Brazilian brewer is churning up controversy over an ad for beer-flavored ice cream that some claim could encourage children and adolescents to drink.

Ambev brewery, the owner of the global beer brand Skol, has an ad that shows a yellow ice cream box with a beer lid, followed by the tagline, “Shall we go to the bar to have an ice cream?” According the AFP, the ice cream does not contain any alcohol, but the National Council for Self-Regulation, a non-governmental consumer watchdog group, claims that the ad will encourage underage drinking.

Since it’s linked with a beer company, you must be be 18 or older to buy the ice cream — per Brazil’s legal drinking age.
In the U.S., there’s a growing trend to add alcohol to ice cream. Fermental, a beer and wine shop in Wilmington, N.C., sells wine ice cream, although you have to be you have to be 21 to buy it.

Tip The Wagon Desserts has a grown up line of sorbets and ice cream infused with alcohol based on classic drinks like chocolate martini, lemon drop, and pina colada.

And SnoBar sells alcohol-infused ice pops in select liquor stores throughout Arizona, with flavors that include margarita and Cosmopolitans.

This isn’t the first time Ambev took a classic food item and added beer flavoring.  Last year, the company received another warning for beer-flavored Easter eggs.

We can only hope this comes to Costa Rica soon as there is not enough alcohol consumption already. (Sarcasm)

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