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Beer and Wine to Be Served at Starbucks?

World News – Are we really going to get to a point where we are going to be able to stop for coffee in the morning and then have a candlelit glass of wine at Starbucks? This is going to be an interesting transition for the rowing business.

starbucks beer and wine Starbucks is growing it seems more and more each day.

First off, the business revealed that it would partner with Oprah in order to serve it’s clients a blend of the media mogul’s chai tea, and now Starbuck’s has announced that it is preparing to be ble to sell beer and wine to be able to serve these beverages with it’s food menu at thousands of their stores.

Although this is in their future plans do not expect it to happen any time soon at many stores, it has been implemented in a few stores already.

Starbucks COO Troy Alstead stated that the roll-out might take a few years, therefore it may well be a while before you are able to ask a date to dinner at your local coffee spot for a glass of wine and a side of one of starbucks cuisines in a container.

Who  is ready for a before prom dinner at Starbucks?

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