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Beach Life in Costa Rica; Not For Everyone

Costa Rica News – After a week in Santa Teresa, Puerto Viejo, or Manuel Antonio it’s common to say “I wish I lived here.” Do you really? Could you handle that great vacation community as a way of life? If you think you can do it make sure to rent for a few months to be sure before you invest your life savings in a property in the area.

You may find that a once a month trip to the beach is enough and that you prefer to be closer to activities and costa rica beach lifeyour favorite imported groceries.

Here are some other negative aspects of beach life you should be aware of:

  • Consider that most professional business is done in San Jose. Think about what kind of job will you hold near the beach? Every beach is at least 90 minutes from the city.
  • There are zero hospitals of international quality by the beaches.
  • For some reason, the higher the temperature the higher the crime rate.
  • Building permits are more difficult to obtain for beach properties and the environment can ruin your home.
  • Rust and corrosion will be constant problems for your car and appliances.
  • Air conditioning and chemicals to kill or keep away the insects are expensive. If you can’t deal with high heat and many big bugs the beach is not for you.
  • Getting cable, internet, and phone services takes a while and they are all unreliable.
  • Stores and restaurants have touristy prices near the beaches. Everything is cheaper in San Jose.
  • You will not have a variety of nightlife options at the beach. There are probably no malls, movie theaters, or clubs. There may be a few bars with some dance space.
  • Quality schools and professionals are harder to find.
  • People who live at the beach often travel 4 hours to go to a dentist or a car mechanic.

It all depends on what’s important to you. There are certainly positive attributes of beach life. Maybe it is for you.

Just make sure you can deal with the above realities before making a long term move!


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