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Barrio Amon’s Cultural House Protecting Costa Rica’s Heritage

Costa Rica News – Barrio Amon’s cultural house is awarded for protecting the heritage of one of the oldest towns in San Jose.

Foto: Rafael Pacheco

It was granted the prize a few weeks ago by the National Council of Monuments and Sites.

In small towns across Latin America there is a habit of coexistence with at least one house that all the neighbors go in and out of uninvited to share time together and exchange ideas.

As Barrio Amon became urban, most of the neighbors moved out and this sense of community was lost. Thanks to a group of neighbors, scholars, businesses and artists, the cultural heritage was revived.

Anyone is welcome to drop by the house, 250 meters north of the hotel Aurola Holiday Inn, with ideas for local development.

The main idea behind this initiative is to strengthen the cultural enterprises that have arisen in the area and use culture as a driving force for urban development.

More and more people join the group daily.

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