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Barbie, Black Eyed Kids and The New Scotland Yard

Ghosts & the Supernatural – The night was dark and foreboding, I, the Demon Warrior was flown to London, England to meet up with 2 special ops from New Scotland Yard. New Scotland Yard interrupted me as I watched NBC’s The Cape and eating a slice of Domino’s pizza. The two special agents identified themselves as New Scotland Yard. They needed to transport me quickly to London, they show urgency in their expressions. Before I knew it, I found myself sitting in the back of a limo, windows blacked out and taken to a secret airport near Sacramento.

A private Lear jet was waiting for me as I was flown to London. I learn that Naberius, a very strong demon in charge of 29 legions is terrorizing London, he is known as the Marquis of Hell. It is up to me the Demon Warrior to thwart this beast in battle. I carry two large Super Soakers filled with holy water, across my chest are razor sharp crucifixes, on my waist is a pouch and in the pouch is a large holy bible. The holy bible has hollowed out pages and inside the hollowed out space is a 357 magnum filled to capacity with silver tip hollow points and…………..what the? Oh man, this is only a dream!! The dream was so vivid, I felt like I was really there……man, I am sorry readers for throwing you off with this dream sequence, let’s get down to the real investigation….

With all the rain, cloudy skies, frosty mornings, I was very surprised that today would be blue skies and a warm breeze.

In fact, on this day January 14, 2011, Friday would be a perfect day to do some ghost hunting. That ghost hunting will take place in Fairfield, California. The home is absolutely beautiful and is built on property that General Waterman in days gone past would frequent. Another unique thing about Fairfield is that Fairfield once had a crop circle, the only crop circle found in California. Fairfield is also the place that my uncle Manuel ‘Manny’ Ayala would patrol when he was a CHP (California Highway Patrol). I guess that is my own personal connection with Fairfield.

Now tonight I will get connected to this home, to discover if there is any paranormal activity and from what the occupant tells me, I believe there are a lot of things going on in this home. In fact, I will have Chelo tell the story in her own words:

“It first started when I first moved in, that was back in 2004, the house was built in 1989. The first activity that I experienced was hearing voices, there was times I took pictures around the house and discovered orb activity in my photos. One of the strangest things that happened is that I had a Barbie doll without any batteries that would start talking on its own. A rag doll that was on the floor actually rolled over on its own. There has been times when the bed shook violently and scared the hell out of me. The bed I sleep on is very solid and very heavy, there is no way that this bed can move on its own accord, but yet it did. I have seen moving shadows darting here and there. There were times I thought it was my husband, but it wasn’t. There have been times when other toys have turned on by themselves and I really don’t have an explanation for it.”

Tonight paranormal investigators present are: Jennifer Newell – Psychic; John Shue – Videographer; Doreen Johnson; Ben & Rhonda Hall; Carol Ann Castro; Vickie Barker; Frank X. Mora; Laura Rientismith. The home is large, so I am breaking the teams up into 2 teams. Carol Ann Castro will lead her team in one section of the home and Ben & Rhonda Hall will lead the other team. The investigative sessions are for one hour. There will be 3 investigative sessions, one hour a piece with an evidence briefing after each one. The last investigative session will be a free-for-all, in which the investigators will be able to go wherever they want. Cleanser/Smudger will be Carol Ann Castro.

Rhonda and another investigator heard with their own ears the sound of ‘wah’ 3 times. Flashlight experiment was conducted, where the flashlight would blink off and on as it responds to questions. Tapping sound EVPs were captured. Cold spots felt. John Shue was scratched on the hand. Banging noise EVP was captured.

Jennifer Newell our psychic while free floating picked up on certain things around the house. In her own words she says: I walked into the client’s bedroom first and received a heavy sensation of an infant death from the baby changing table. I also see a woman in distress on the left side of the bed in my mind’s eye. I did not receive any other feeling from the room or the right side of the bed. I continued to walk through the house and was drawn to a shelf of books in the kids play room. I asked the client to look through the books to see if anything in particular jumps out. When the client’s daughter returned home she immediately wanted a book. While I was in the backyard waiting for the debriefing to end I got a strong feeling from the area behind the house and an energy coming over the fence. I was later told of a canal that runs behind the home.”

While driving to Fairfield with Jennifer Newell and Laura Rientismith, who both met up with me at my work site, Laura told us some interesting stories of her paranormal experiences. She told us in her own words: “I encountered the Black Eyed Kids. I was driving my vehicle downtown and on the side of the road, there was 2 young boys and I glanced over at them and they were very pale and their hair was pointed scraggly black. I looked directly at their eyes, they were pure black, there was no white in their eyes. When I looked back at them, they all looked down. I went further down the road and somehow, one of the black eyed kids was in front of my vehicle and how he got there, I don’t know. On another day, I received a phone call from across the street. My neighbor said that there was a body underneath her car, when I got over to the location of her vehicle, there was a girl under the car with her bike. It was daytime when this happened and I told the girl to get out from under the car and the girl had black eyes, no white in her eyes. I saw the girl a few months later riding her bike. Another experience I had was when my girlfriend and I were driving to Santa Cruz and took a wrong turn and ended up in Gilroy. We stopped for gas and we were near a bus stop. We noticed this man sitting at the bus stop. He was wearing red furry pants, knee high black boots that laced up, and a white pirate type of shirt. My girlfriend went to the bathroom and the door knob started jiggling, she thought it was this strange man jiggling the door knob. We looked at this man and we both noticed that he had 2 inch horns sticking out from his head. He went back to the bus stop to sit down. The sight of this man scared us beyond belief.

No EVPs captured. Some investigators felt dizzy in one room. A puzzle light started singing and it was light sensitive, Jennifer debunked it. An investigator captured a 3 tap EVP. Carol Ann’s group heard a knocking in the closet. 2 investigators heard coat hangers shaking and there was a knock on the wall. This was audible with their ears.

There seems to be some activity in this house and if there is activity, it appears to be benevolent. Carol Ann Castro did a smudging/cleansing of the house. I classify this haunting as a ‘Casper Haunting’.

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