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Bank of America Follows Intel Out of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Bank of America made quite the announcement yesterday. They will gradually close their “service center (call center)” in Costa Rica. That will, unfortunately, leave 1,500 without a job, although working for Bank of America was thought to be really steady employment.

bank of america costa rica They were employing people in fields such as information technology, accounting, finance, and business processes. The company’s statement said it was a decision made to better use resources and streamline the company. The sites currently operating in Costa Rica will be closed in the next nine to twelve months and the work they were handling will be taken care of in the US or at other international locations.

The official statement points to the fact that there is enough advanced notice for everyone to find other jobs. “Bank of America has a strong history of providing assistance to employees to transition to new jobs outside our company. For us it was important to inform employees as soon as the decision was made . By communicating with them with a full year in advance, will have greater opportunities to find new jobs ( … ) and transition.”

Bank of America proactively choose to inform employees with 9-12 months in advance. No single employee found out and spread the news to Cindi before it was officially announced. Employees did not know about the announcement before bank informed them.

This announcement came at the same time that we received the news that the Intel assembly plant will shut down, leaving another 1,500 people out of work, namely engineers and technicians.

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